Rush to Judgment

I think we may have been a little fast to judge Malone. I'm starting to hear and reading grumblings about how poor our defense has been playing, some of the rations, lets look at the facts first.

- Malone is a rookie head coach, it's his first year ever being in charge of offensive sets, timeouts, rotations, nagging the refs and motivation.

- Anyone on this roster great at defense before Malone got here?

- Players not doing much: Thornton, Jimmer, JT. Thornton was supposed to start at the SG spot. Jimmer was supposed to give us some decent scoring off the bench (not a lot) and JT was supposed to start at the PF spot. So 2 out of the starting 5 Isn't giving us anything

- Ben McLemore is Raw. Dude plays good defense when not being leaned on to score for this team. And with Thomas, DMC, Gay we shouldn't be leaning on McLemore for scoring; but remember, he wasn't supposed to start until after the all-star break.

- This team hasn't play 20 games together due to the trades. So no training camp together to figure out defensive rations. Yes, DMC/Thomas/McLemore should be better on defense because they've been here, but Gay and Williams (probably the top 2 athletes on this team) still haven't had much time to gel defensively.

- I think this team has potential to be good. A big time big with DMC, athletes in Gay/Williams/Bmac, a PG who can score on anyone and when he's passing, can be VERY VERY effective.

- Yes in theory, on paper we should be better than we are, but we don't know what chemistry is like in that locker room. We don't know what kind of effect Thorntons mood is having on this team. We don't know what kind of damage JT is doing. All we could talk about last season was how DMC was destroying this looker room last year due to his personality, we don't know what Kind of effect other players are having on this team. The H.O.F PG Isiah Thomas once said, "The secret to basketball is that it's NOT about basketball" The Pistons traded Dantley "the teacher" for Aguirre, "Maybe Dantley was a better player than Aguirre, but Aguirre was a better fit….it was a people trade, not a basketball trade" (The book of basketball, Bill Simmons)

- I know this is long and probably pretty boring. But, these pieces don’t fit yet, but with the blend of flexibility, talent, size, athleticism, we can be good. There are a lot of rosters that don’t have the pieces that we have yet. Teams that have more wins than us, but I’d rather have our rosters and I think we’d beat in a 7 game series: Celtics, Knicks, 76ers, Raptors, Bucks, Hawks, Nuggets, Jazz, Bobcats, Wizards, Lakers, Suns. Some of those series we may win in game 7 in double overtime but with the collection of talent, I think we win. We just haven’t gelled yet.

- What makes the Spurs/Heat/Pacers/Thunder so good is that they have a plan in motion. They have a set plan and are sticking to it. The Thunder didn’t fire the coach and trade Westbrook or Durant when they lost to the Lakers in the playoffs in 2009, The Heat didn’t break up their super-friends team or fire the coach when they lost in the finals to the Mavs (still not sure why they lost). The Pacers stayed with Hibbert/West/Granger/George and Frank before they where this super team. The Spurs, do we even have to say anything about their big 4?

- Not saying we’re the new spurs, but the pieces are in place, a strong head coach is in Sac, we have an all-star in DMC and very strong Wing players in Gay and Thomas. We have our wildcards in Williams, BMac, (and if we’re lucky, Thornton and Jimmer). The pieces are here, let’s not rush, let stay the course like all the other good teams before us.

- Yes we’re losing a lot, yes at times it’s tough to watch, but that just makes it that much more special when we see the DWill to Bmac ally-opp, or when we see DMC make his first all-star game. Guys we have something special going on here. Let’s just let it ride………And if we pick up Wiggins or Jabarri then that’s fine too!!!

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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