Kings Links: Isaiah Thomas gets love, Vivek Ranadive on NBA 3.0 and more

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Spor

Isaiah Gets some national love, Vivek talks NBA 3.0, Financial outlook on new downtown, and Chris Webber practicing Karate. What more could you need during the most wonderful time of the year! But don't get too comfy, our favorite Grinches the Maloofs also stop by to try to ruin the NHL's Christmas.

Welcome Brad, aka beeradgee88, who will be doing Kings Links for us! -- TZ

HoopsWorld: Alex Kennedy has written a great piece about Isaiah's impressive season. Great to see Isaiah Thomas get some national love. Crazy to think about two years ago when I first saw him at the Goon Squad Classic to now. Then, he was the guy we were hoping may make the team and maybe make a name for himself. I think we got our wish.

National Journal: We have all heard about NBA 3.0, and here is more about it. Vivek Ranadive does not hide his love of technology by any means, and here is an article and accompanying interview from the National Journal where he explains more about his vision of the future. I look forward to seeing this unravel as time goes by. crunched some numbers and feels that in the next 30 years, Sacramento's economy could get $7 billion (Yes, that's with a B) in the next 30 years, if not more. But hey, let's S.T.O.P. this from happening...

Cowbell Kingdom: Derrick Williams recently talked to our friends at Cowbell Kingdom about his time thus far, and his relegation to the bench. It is good to see him being positive about it all. I, for one, have no problem with him coming off the bench. Considering our obvious lack of depth at this point, we need to keep some talent there with that group, and I think Derrick Williams is the perfect energy guy to come off that bench.

Yahoo: ALERT: Maloofian army MAY be trying to infiltrate the NHL. You have been warned.

CSN: New England: BREAKING NEWS: We're not trading for Rajon Rondo... For the five of you that thought this was happening, here is an article from CSN New England confirming that it, in fact, did not happen. I for one, am glad that it did not. Too much for a player that I have never been a huge fan of. Much rather see Isaiah Thomas continue to grow, and let Ben McLemore have time to develop, even with his recent struggles. an interesting look at passing stats shows that despite our worries about Isaiah, he actually has more assist opportunities on a per game basis. While stats don't always tell the story, it does show that we may have exaggerated the drop off in PG production.

Bleacher Report had a good article on Rudy Gay, and why people should not "write him off", just yet. Many in the national media saw this trade much different than what it was. Yes, we took on an overpaid player who has struggled, but we took on an overpaid player trying to invigorate life into his career, and not expecting him to play like a $19 million superstar, we just want him to be an effective SF that can help us get better, which, outside of the Charlotte game, has happened.

Sacramento Bee: Kings minority owner Shaquille O'Neal took advantage of the Kings being closer to home and attended Wednesday's game in Atlanta. The Sacramento Bee caught up with him to ask about the state of the team.

USA TODAY: Former King Keon Clark, has been given an 8 year sentence after pleading guilty on DUI and weapons charges..

SI: For those of you who have seen those Southern Comfort commercial with the guy doing Karate and thought Chris Webber should recreate them. Here You Go!

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