Defense and Embiid

No one likes how the Kings plays defense this season. The Kings play defense so bad that I could predict who are they gonna leave open for a three or which guard would break their defense and make an easy lay up in the paint. We had great hopes on this team at the beginning of the season so why does this team have so much problems on defense?

I made a list on why Kings is having this problem:

1. Kings players are not playing in coach Malone's defensive system.(see Aykis' article)

I really hope this is the reason why Kings' defense suck because I don't want another coaching change. Miami Heat is in the NBA for 25/26 seasons and they only had 6 coaches so far while the Kings have more than 20. Malone is a great coach, I can see some glimpses of Kings playing great defense but it had to be played for the whole 48 minutes.

2. Lack of defensive anchor

The Kings don't really have a player who can preach defense on the court, they had Mbah A Moute but he got traded. They don't really have a guy that they can rely on defense like Dwight Howard or Marc Gasol. They also don't have a veteran presence to tell them what to do, Gay is having a bad job of being that veteran presence.

3. Kings not focusing on defense.

Kings love to run and unfortunately that's all they want to do. I see some guys tried to steal a ball in hopes to getting to a fast break situation but ended up an uncontested lay up for the other team. Sometimes players just run to the other court even though they don't have the possession yet. I can say that this team plays 100% offense coached by a defensive minded coach. In order for this team to be a better defensive team, they have to buy into the system and play defense like a man.

4. Players

Some of our players are really bad on decision making on defense and sometimes offense but we'll focus on defense. Demarcus Cousins is not a good defensive player, instead of putting his hands up to alter or block the shots with his 9 feet standing reach, he decides to try and steal them from a guard resulting to an easy two points. Isaiah's advantage is his quickness but he doesn't use that on defense. Instead of putting pressure on his man, he creates a space between him and his man resulting to an uncontested jump shot. Wings players tends to over help that causes them to be short on rotation which leads to an open man on the wing.

Joel Embiid

This team is gonna suck this season but the good news is next year's draft is the loadest ever. If this team gets the 1st pick or 2nd, I would still like us to draft Jabari Parker or Andrew Wiggins. I don't want us to be the team who pass up a superstar like the Blazers. But if we have the third pick or 4th, I would like us to draft Joel Embiid from Kansas. That guy is a 7'0 who can protect the rim and be an anchor on defense and people have compared his game to Hakeem Olajuwon, in fact he's only been playing basketball for 3 years kinda like Hakeem when he get drafted plus he has offense unlike other defensive minded big men who came into the draft, like Hasheem Thabbet. With Embiid on our roster, it will put Cousins at 4 and be paired with a shot blocker.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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