Isaiah Misses Team Flight... A Christmas To Remember Happens...

It was a typical road trip for the Sacramento Kings. After defeating the Orlando Magic in the last game of a four game trip, the Sacramento Kings were at Orlando International Airport running to get to the flight on time. In the middle of the insanity, Isaiah Thomas asked coach Mike Malone for his bag so he could get some batteries for one of his new toys, and the first year coach obliged. Unfortunately, the Kings point guard lost track of his team, and ended up following a different group onto a flight to New York City. It wasn't until the Kings got back into Sacramento that they noticed Isaiah's absence from the team.

"We were passing out luggage, like we always do when we realized Isaiah was nowhere to be seen." , Kings owner, Vivek Ranadive said, "When Mike (Malone) realized he was without his point guard, he passed out right there in the Airport."

"I should have noticed he wasn't there when he wasn't talking", said Kings Center Demarcus Cousins, who usually sits behind Isaiah on team flights, "but I figured it was a late flight, and he might have fallen asleep. It's an honest mistake, his head doesn't even poke over the top of the seat when he is there."



Isaiah Thomas, who was the last pick in the 2011 NBA draft, knew something was wrong immediately when he got on the flight and couldn't see his teammates. Unfortunately, it was too late for the flight to stop, and he was forced to go all the way to New York. Once there, he couldn't get a flight back, as his passport and money were in his luggage, so he made his way to a relatives house who was out of town while their house was being worked on.

Isaiah went to get some food for himself, when he accidentally ran into a couple of faces from the past, Georgie and Gav,, also known as the "Zing Bandits". A pair of incompetent criminals who just a few months ago made headlines with their futile attempt to steal the Kings team from the city of Sacramento. The bandits cornered young Isaiah and told him of a plan they had to steal the Brooklyn Nets. He was not about to let this happen.

"I knew there was trouble right away, so all I could do was run. I devised a plan to make them come after me," said Thomas. The diminutive point guard then rigged his relative's house to keep these despicable characters from ruining Christmas again. "I knew the way these guys worked, and they weren't the brightest bulbs in the bunch, so I figured I could take them on by myself. "

The bandits infiltrated the Barclays Center, and were getting ready to steal their first player, but Isaiah was there too, and he threw a brick through one of the windows in order to trigger an alarm. The bumbling bandits then chased him back to the house.

"From there, it was just one big chess game. I taunted them by throwing a few bricks at them, then knew they never knew when to stop, so I just planned accordingly," said Thomas, who is known for his on the fly thinking during tough games. "I rigged all the door handles with heat and electricity to force them to eventually go through the basement. From there, I put a quarter on the ground, knowing that they would try to pick it up. Once they did pick it up, a tool box was rigged to land on top of them."

This was just the beginning. Though Isaiah Thomas never disclosed everything that happened, the scene at the house showed broken ornaments, signs of a homemade flamethrower, gasoline in the toilet, paint cans tied to rope for swinging, and an empty box of Pizza Guys pizza.

The whole standoff ended when Vivek Ranadive, who had flown to NY to get him in his Jet Pack, came last second and knocked both the bandits out cold. The police then came to take them away.

"I had to protect my player." said the billionaire. "It's part of NBA 3.0. We thought that Isaiah was lost for good, but thankfully I was able to get there in the nick of time. It was truly a Christmas miracle."

The next morning, Isaiah woke up surprised to find his team there waiting for him. He ran into Coach's arms, and the whole team celebrated the miracle that had occurred. The team then decided to take advantage of the situation and spend Christmas in the Big Apple, but then they remembered they had a game Monday. An awkward moment did ensue when Mike Malone realized little Isaiah had been using his

As for the the Zing bandits, when reaching out to their spokesman, Eric Rose, StR got this comment.

"As we have maintained all along, the Zing Bandits have been in talks to take over lots of teams, and will not comment on the latest developments."


The Zing bandits claim they did have a binding agreement to steal the Brooklyn Nets, and blamed Kevin Johnson for foiling it.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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