An Open Letter To Chris Hansen.

Dear Chris Hansen,

Thank you for what you have done the last year or so for the city of Sacramento. I do not like, nor respect any of your strategies that you took to get us to this point, but it got me what I wanted. I got to keep my team. We almost became a victim of childish greed that you played right along with. I do not hate you for trying to bring a team back to Seattle. I am one of the strongest non- Seattle supporters of a new team there is. This new interview you did is a real hoot. There are two quotes that I find especially amusing.

"We ended up losing $30 million dollars in the process, we thought we had the team moving here. It was tough, losing it,"

The billionaire lost 30 million getting in bed with the devil? You made a deal with the Maloofs behind closed doors and are shocked this is what happened? I feel so bad for you losing that 30 million. That 30 million would have paid for many people in the community of Sacramento to lose their job and be unable to support themselves or a family. I understand that happened to Seattle already, but that is what makes you the world's biggest hypocrite. Your beloved Sonics were stolen from you straight up in the most shady act I have seen in professional sports. So what do you do about it? Try to punish another fan base. Try to make the city of Sacramento suffer. You even have Eddie Vedder out there blaming the city of Sacramento FOR KEEPING WHAT WAS ALREADY OUR TEAM! You were never going to be the victim in this situation. There was no possible way for you to be the victim in this situation. You literally have nothing to lose other than the fact that you got the whole city of Seattle's hopes up only to disappoint them again. This is on you. Not hte NBA, not the city of Seattle. This is your fault. 30 million from a group of the super rich is nothing compared to those people that would be out of work. Or do they deserve to suffer because of Clay Bennett's wrongdoings? What you are doing is like a family having their son kidnapped, being upset, so they kidnap another family's kid and name him after the first one, only to be surprised when the authorities intervene. But that's not the only laughable quote here. Let's move on.

"It was a mistake. I apologized to the people of Sacramento, There was nothing illegal being done. The law firm representing us, did not handle the donation correctly."

Great PR there Chris! Are we really supposed to accept that apology? We kept our team, and what did you do? You tried to block it from happening AGAIN and failed AGAIN. The best part of this "apology" is blaming it on the law firm. What did you accidentally tell them to contribute to an anti arena drive? This is an oddly specific mistake that happened here. One that may cost you from ever bringing your team back. How bout owning up to your mistake? Did you get your money by playing victim your whole life? Tonight outside of our arena there is a group lying to people to get signatures to stop an arena that come from this same group you "accidentally" supported. In fact, this group you "accidentally" supported is spreading lies to get Sacramento's people to accidentally support them. Dropping your wallet is an accident. Donating that much money is not. Did you click the wrong box on PayPal? I am happy that the general public is not as stupid as you take them to be, and see right through these lies. The people of Seattle deserve a better face for the future of basketball there, instead they are stuck with you. Thank you, and Go Kings!


A concerned fan.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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