Burkle, AEG, and the Whales

First time poster, long time reader.

The Bee released an article regarding Burkle and his interest in purchasing AEG. Here it is:

I'm interested in what this means for the bid, KJ, and the whales. It certainly is an interesting development that I think is a huge reason we haven't heard from KJ for a while. It also has huge implications for Sacramento's case.

First, I think this explains why we haven't heard about the whales on schedule. One of them is going all in. Burkle is probably delaying until he can wrap up his purchase of AEG. His first move as owner of AEG would be to put an arena downtown, hopefully with his Kings as the primary tenants. He stands to gain a lot from that move. Vertical integration at its finest. He obviously sees huge potential in the Sacramento market, enough to buy the company that would profit most from the new arena. I'm a huge fan of this move by Burkle, but I don't know how long the AEG deal will take. Burkle is really trying to make HUGE moves here, but I hope he doesn't take too long. In fact, AEG owns a number of pro sports teams. I trust him, and KJ, to make it work though.

Second, I think this is great news for Sacramento's case with the BoG. When all is said and done, if Burkle can purchase AEG or at least have the deal in place before the BoG meeting, KJ would have a full house. Not only would Sacramento have a matching offer, but they would have two respected businessmen as owners. Burkle will not only be the current owner of one of the most successful NHL teams, but two of the most successful NHL teams and one of the most successful MLS teams, as AEG owns the LA Kings and LA Galaxy. If he manages to purchase AEG, he will become arguably one of the most decorated, successful, and prolific sports moguls in the world. He would make Hansen/Ballmer look like chumps. Burkle was likely meeting with Stern to explain his vertical integration plan and to gauge the NBA's interest in bringing AEG into the mix as an asset owned by an NBA owner, which has to be an attractive option.

Burkle may be the second coming of KJ. I believe the AEG bid adds a new level of intrigue (the good kind) to his meeting with Stern. I think it explains KJ's delay in announcing the whales, because the whales and the arena (steps 2 and 3) are actually set to become the same thing. In fact, I almost think that the NBA has been sending its lawyers to the Cook bankruptcy proceeding because their worried it could allow Hansen to block the amazing deal that Sacramento is putting together if he wins the 7%.

When the entire AEG/whales/arena deal is announced, it may shift the momentum in Sac's favor even more than we're anticipating. I think it may even shift it past a question of would we rather Sac of Seattle with all other things the same, to an offer with intangibles the NBA won't be able to refuse. The tides are turning my friends.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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