Jazz post-game show praises Kings fans after Here We Buy Night

Sacramento Kings fan, Curtis Corona, appeals to a higher power for NBA salvation. - USA TODAY Sports

Utah Jazz radio team David Locke and Ron Boone provided plenty of great sound bites in their post game show after Saturday night's game. The impact of the fans and the importance of Here We Buy Night was not lost on them and Sacramento fan's provided A LOT of ambient sound.

The Utah Jazz post-game show had love for Sacramento fans on Saturday. First David Locke and Ron Boone recapped the game itself and talked about the overwhelming energy in the building Saturday night.

They went on to discuss how difficult it would have been for any team to compete against the Kings on Here We Buy Night. They went as far as saying that the crowd created such a hostile environment that any team not named the Sacramento Kings would have been turned into the WASHINGTON GENERALS that night. And, while there are only 2 hosts in the Jazz post-game radio show, you can clearly hear a VERY LOUD 3rd party interjecting in the background. You can listen to the full conversation in the video but here are a few of the standout quotes:

  • "...a game that was not in doubt for much of it, became a revival for Kings fans of their great memories since their franchise moved here from Kansas City." - David Locke
  • "Tonight in particular was something special for the Sacramento Kings" - Ron Boone
  • "No one could have won this ball game here tonight. That's how energized this team, the city, the arena...that chant...'We Will Stay (Here We Stay)." I think you'll wake up in the middle of the night, you'll have nightmares behind that. I thought that's what carried this basketball team." - Ron Boone
  • "I talked to Kevin Johnson before the ballgame and he's very optimistic that this team will be here in Sacramento. As a matter of fact, he said "Trust Me." - Ron Boone
  • "...they're trying to send a message to the NBA" - Ron Boone

DeMarre Carroll, Alec Burks, and Tyrone Corbin were also interviewed after the game. Burks and Carroll were asked if the atmosphere in Sleep Train reminded them of their college days. They gave the kinds of answers you would expect. Tyrone Corbin's interview however ... that was something else. It's not so much what Tyrone said, or even what was discussed. This interview is interesting because of WHERE and WHEN it occurred. You see, Tyrone was interviewed post game in the visitor's locker room, as you would expect. What you wouldn't expect however are the hundreds of Kings fans still in the arena surrounding the court, chanting, stomping, ringing cowbells. The 6th man is clearly audible, even in the locker room, throughout the duration of the interview. Check it out:

A new anthem for King's Fans?

And finally, Sacramento area Rap/Rock group The Shades of Gray put together a track called "Kings All Day." Meant be a sort of rally cry for fellow Kings fans and their fight to keep the team in Sacramento. To be honest, I've had SEVERAL of these types of songs passed along to me over the past 3 years and this might be the best yet. What do you guys think...do we have a new anthem?

I have to admit, the chorus is pretty catchy. If you're digging it, you can download the song HERE.

Great job this weekend Kings fans.

Keep fighting!

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