My view of the Sacramento Kings under new management.

With more good news coming out by the day, I feel that the Kings will stay in Sacramento for many years. If, I am wrong it still does not hurt to dream. We all know that for the past five years this team has been crap from the owners to the last person on the team. We can blame many people for this, but with new owners I believe that this team could be a playoff team in a couple years. Sleep Train Arena and whatever that the downtown arena will be called (KJ Memorial Arena) will once again be where the Kings reign and become unstoppable. But before that can happen, there needs to be an overhaul in the how the team is ran as well as the roster. Here is my take:

Owners: The Maloofs are out and Burkle looks like her is going to step up with buying AEG and the Kings to make sure they stay in Sacramento.

GM: Petrie is also out after this year. There are many mixed reactions to Petrie the last couple years. Petrie will be remembered for his early work with the Webber trade and his early draft picks. The Petrie of recent years has been one of doing what you can with as little money as possible and part of him giving up and not caring. I am not sure who should replace him, maybe getting an experienced GM would be better than a new GM, it might make the transition easier.

Head Coach: I hope that Keith Smart is gone after this year. With now ownership and a solid arena plan in order, the Kings could attract some high profile coaches. SVG could be an option, he has worked with a dominate big man before and can help to create an offence around DMC. Mike Brown is another one that is available; I don’t think he got a fair chance in LA. Jerry Sloan has stated that he would not mind coming back, but I would have to believe that DMC would have to be traded to make that work. Sloan does not want to work with headcase players. There would be a many coaches that the team could chose and pay competitive salaries for.

Coaching Staff: If Smart is out, Jim Eyen is most likely out as well. I hope that Bobby Jackson is retained; he is liked by the fans and could make a good coach one day. Cliff Ray has been great for out big men, so he should be retained as well.


Tyreke: I hope that the Kings resign him, he is a valuable member of the team, he has shown improvement in his outside shot and can get the basket at will. He is also highly skilled on defense. He is an injury risk, but it’s because he plays hard.

DMC: Cousins can go either way, I don’t know if new management will be as attached to keeping him. They might want to get what they can for him and start over. On the other hand, if they can build the team around him, Cousins will be unstoppable.

IT: Isaiah is not only a fan favorite, but he’s our pizza guy. I am not sure if he is a starting point guard, though. I see a lot of Bobby Jackson in him. A spark off the bench. New ownership should look for a starting point guard, but keep IT and have him come off the bench as a leader for the second unit.

Aaron Brooks: He can just go away. I am not sure what is wrong with him, but he is not helping this team.

Jimmer: Another polarizing player, people either like him or they don’t. I view Jimmer as a SG, not necessarily a PG. He is not being utilized correctly under Smart’s system. With a new system, Jimmer can flourish.

Marcus Thorton: He has had an off year this year, I think that she should be moved to make way for Jimmer, I can see Jimmer having more upside than Thorton, but Thorton has more value at this moment.

John Salmons: He has had good and bad stints in Sacramento, but it is time for him to go. Package him and Thorton together to get a better Small Forward.

Francisco Garcia: The team will decline the team option, but I hope that we could still resign him for the veteran min. if no team picks him up. He is a good locker room guy and can still play in case of injury.

Tyler Honeycut: Keep him, but he will still be a back of the lineups.

James Johnson: Another toss up, probably will have his option picked up.

Travis Outlaw: Most likely player to be waived or traded.

Thomas Robinson: TRob has gotten much better since the beginning of the season, but he still has a long ways to go to be out JT for the starting lineup.

Jason Thompson: Our starting PF for now and will be an assest coming off the bench when Trob takes over.

Chuck Hayes: He has been a disappointment for much of the season. He would probably be moved, but we need to have a fourth big, in case of foul trouble.

With the new Sacramento Kings, I hope for many years of success and a few championship banners.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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