Stand with Sacramento and rep Here We Stay at an NBA game in your city!

A message to Kings fans around the world, from Here We Stay.

By now you've probably seen some of the pictures from Friday night. For those of you who did not, a group of fans sympathetic to our cause attended the Kings/Hawks game, strategically positioned behind the Kings bench, rocking Kings gear, ringing cowbells and waving large Here We Stay signs. Our main point of contact at the Hawks game was actually one of the producers of Small Market Big Heart and a good friend of Kfipp's. Kevin also sent him his "Here We Stay/Here We build" jersey (which is now in route to a different location), you never know where that thing might show up next.... ;)

Our ATL reps had a great time and got a lot of positive wishes from Atlanta fans, many of whom had NO IDEA that the Kings are facing a possible relocation or what was going on in Sacramento! They also got a pretty good amount of TV time. Harry the Hawk even stopped by to send the rest of the NBA a message...


We noticed the buzz that "Here We Stay's" presence generated on social media and decided we should try to do something similar in as many arenas as possible. So here's where you come in. Are you a Kings fan, NBA fan, or just a person sympathetic to our cause? Do you live in an NBA city? Can you make it out to a game? If yes, please contact us and we will be more than happy to provide you with art/designs you can use to represent Here We Stay on a poster of your own. We'd love everyone to see pics of YOU repping the cause with the opposing team's fans, mascots, players etc...So we'll stay in contact with you and share your pictures and videos from the game via social media and blog posts throughout the night. Give it some thought and let us know if you think you can help ASAP.

Here's a quick look at the King's road schedule for the next month:

Feb. 23 - @ Hornets

Feb. 26 - @ Heat

Feb. 27 - @ Magic

March 1st - @ Spurs

March 6th - @ Warriors

March 17th - @ Lakers

March 23rd - @ Nuggets

March 27th - @ Warriors

March 28th - @ Suns

Kings aren't playing in your city any time soon? No worries! How cool would it be to see Here We Stay represented at an NBA game that the Sacramento Kings aren't even playing in!? Who knows, maybe there's a nationally televised game in your city? Bring your signs and Kings jerseys and represent the cause loud and proud! Show the rest of the NBA world that this is not a done deal. That Sacramento and this amazing fan base are not done fighting for the team they've never stopped loving! Positioning yourself in the lower level or behind the bench would be AMAZING, if you can pull it off, but we'll take representation of any kind.

But what about our international fans and fans who don't live in NBA cities? We've seen you guys in the game threads and on social media and we want to give you guys a way to get involved too! Send us some pictures of you, your friends, and families, rocking the Purple and black, and holding your Here We Stay signs in a location that that visually represents the city/country you live in. We want to see you standing in front of some iconic monuments from around the world.

We've already gotten a great response on twitter and have been contacted by fans who want to help by attending the Kings game in Phoenix and Golden State in March. So who's next? If anyone is interested, shoot us an email at, we'll provide you with some art/designs you can use to print up your own posters and we'll talk about how we can help you represent the cause in your home town.



The whales are coming folks, and looks like this coming week will bring LOTS of news. We want to continue to spread the word nationally that Sacramento can't be counted out and we will ALWAYS be an NBA city. Let's keep the momentum going, and ride that wave (pun intended).

Keep Fighting Sacramento!

Please help us by reposting this message on all SB Nation NBA blogs asking for support.


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