Hey Seattle Fans...

So Ive read a lot these past few days about how the Fans in Seattle Feel our pain here in Sacramento. How they know what it feels like to have the team they loved shipped away and how it gets better in the end.

I get it you have been there, and if you truly feel our pain then please, please do me a favor. Write an open letter to the Hansen / Balmer group requesting that they take that $500 million they want to spend on OUR Sacramento Kings, go to the Board of Governors meetings in New York and offer that money to the league for an expansion team.

Generally the cost for a new team is about $200 million less than the offer for the Kings. You can have your Sonics Back, you can have your new building, your new start and wont have to worry about crushing Sacramento Like OKC crushed Seattle.

To me compassion comes in many forms, you try to do the right thing when you truly feel someones pain. You dont blow smoke saying that you respect our efforts and know what its like, and then 5 mins later post to the same twitter account or Facebook post that the Seattle Kings are on their way.

Take a step back, to 5 years ago, your team was sold, your new owner had no mention of moving the team out of Seattle, then PIPE BOMB, your sonics were gone. How did you feel on that day!? How have you felt for those last 5 years when you see how well Durant and the Thunder are doing? If you felt even the slightest bit of hate, sadness, or any emotion other than happiness for the success those new fans are getting to take in, then you wouldn't wish the same fate on Sacramento.

Like us, seattle had some wonderful fans, unlike us however, they didn't seem to put up the fight we have (or at least it wasnt as heavily covered) , they haven't had the blood sweat and tears come out of each and every fan in that city, doing all they can to show the support. Sacramento has fought tooth and nail, we are not ready to give up, we are not ready to give you our team.

If you are going to tell us you feel our pain then do the right thing, ask your potential ownership group to proposition the NBA for a NEW Team... Don't take ours, don't stoop to the level of OKC and their owner, don't rub in the pain, the sorrow and the hurt that we are losing our team.

Our loss shouldn't be your gain, our effort should result in gain for us... we deserve this team, we have earned it, it isn't our fault the team isn't an elite caliber team we have been here through thick and thin and we are in a battle right now to correct the wrong. Let us right our own ship, help us remove the issue, get new owners and thrive in the city we BELONG IN.. Sacramento.

You have seen our efforts, #HereWeStay, #HereWeBuild, #HereWeBuy, help us in remembering that



(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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