Converting the Doubters

As a few know, I have really stepped up my twitter game recently, trying to keep up the faith with the kings, as well as staying up on the news as it comes through the pipeline.

Amongst all of the hype, faith, hope, and positive nature of Sacramento, there are the doubters, and negative Nancy's that just cant get around the fact the kings aren't a quality team currently, and claiming that the fans are just band wagon fans.

Here is the way I see it. No one has given up on the kings at all, we have lost faith in management, we know this team isn't going to court a big name star from free agency, we know they aren't going to spend money on free agent role players either.

The faith in sacramento and the support have been here for 28 years, its the publicity that the fans get that is lacking, you can go through sacramento and see the stickers on cars, the shirts, hats etc on people.

The problem is the team, the owners, the city has gotten a bad rep over the product on the court. This city is full of true fans and yes many of them are not coming out until as of late, that isnt due to becoming fans again, it is the fact that a positive spin is being put on the team and the efforts of the fans currently showing people that there is hope, there is a chance and there is a Grassroots that everyone should be a part of.

I recently took a old childhood friend and his family along with my family to the game on 1/14. The place wasn't packed but the atmosphere was there, he had all but given up on the team and the NBA due to the status of the kings. After 1 game, you could see his mood and opinion on the situation had changed. Maybe it was the fun he had, maybe it was seeing his oldest son waving his Jimmer foam finger around like a crazy kid, maybe it was just a light switch that got turned on. Whatever it was, his mood on this team changed and his faith seemed to start coming back.

Bottom line, for every follower of the team, there are 3 people who have given up on them, at least. If you believe in this team take it upon yourself to reach out to others who might not be on that same level. Remind them of the fun, the memories and the future prospect of the NBA remaining here.

If we can reach out and touch even 1 person and restore the faith we are that much better off. Take to twitter, take to facebook, take to the dinner table or water cooler at work, just talk about the efforts, talk about the most recent game (win or lose) Just get folks talking about this team.

The more they hear about it, the more excitement might come from it, and the more support this city gains.

Do you part... Talk about the Team whenever you can...

Spread the word... even if you don't know what a hashtag is... get them out there. #HereWeStay #HereWeBuild #HereWeBuy

This fight isn't over lets build our army, strength by numbers, get out there and be heard, Sacramento!

And speaking of being heard, i have created a SAC-RA-MEN-TO chant ringtone from the HereWeStay night last year. Reach out and I can get it to you, let that phone ring with pride, or a text message sound off, show your support however you can!


(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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