Proposed Last trade for Petrie's career

First off, i'm not claiming to be a expert or anything. But amid the uncertainty of our Kings being in Sacramento & Seattle next season. Let's discuss about what matters in February for now, focus at on-court issues.

I wouldn't elaborate further on the title of this post and further drill down the arena and ownership issues, as we are already reading and hearing these stuffs almost every day.

In a perfectly ideal world where fans could directly communicate with their team's GMs (never mind its owners if its the likes of the magoofs), I believe this trade would have some serious considerations. tested it at ESPN's trade machine and it suggests that this would work. Thanks ESPN trade machine!

First off:

I always liked DMC's talents, I really believe if he could just live-up to his potential and drop his complainings and keep himself calm, he'll be a very good franchise cornerstone, but as it is, 3rd year into his pro career, he's still having problems checking his emotions. ZBO, Sheed, Ron-ron are often the names being associated with Cuz, but those guys are ALL-STARS (proven veterans), whereas Cuz is just getting there, if he gets his emotions in place, he'll be a constant in every all star game. But right now, he isn't helping much to his team so when choosing between DMC and Reke, i'd prefer to move Cuz instead. So without further ado, here we go:

Kings trade for:

Kevin Love, Williams, Budinger


DMC, T-ROB, Cisco, Salmons

Why we do it: We get a perennial all-star in Love, someone who could stretch the floor and rebound astoundingly well. We get Chase to shore up our SF position, someone who could defend, slash, post-up, and shoot 3s. And we get Williams, uh, he's a former 2nd round pick just 2 years back.

Why Minesota Do it: They get Cisco's expiring contract (he's played for Adleman before as well), they get a better version of Williams in T-Rob, Salmons contract isn't that bad when you factor in his ability to play the point in extended minutes (he's a +defender as well), and they get Cuz! this trade basically is for Cuz and Love, with us giving added assets to make this trade possible.

Kings trade for:

Greg Monroe and Corey Maggette

Detroit get:

Marcus Thornton and JT

Why we do it: Greg Monroe is a no-brainer after we trade Cuz to Minesota, he and Love would be a tremendous front-court moving forward, we absorb Maggette's contract to make the deal possible, maggette would also replace Thornton as our 6th man.

Why Detrot do it: They get a legit scorer and perimeter threat in Thornton (the one they wished to have when they bought-in Gordon), they pair Drummond with JT, a blue-collar worker which fits Detroit's mold (trading buckets and JT is really hard, but it will be a good move in exchange for Monroe).

Our line-up would loom like;

PG- IT/Jimmer

SG- Reke/ Maggette/Brooks

SF- Budinger/Johnson/Honeycutt

PF- Love/Williams/Outlaw

C- Monroe/Hayes

What do you think fellow kings fans?

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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