The Sacramento Kings: Pulling on my Heartstrings

I am a die-hard Sacramento Kings fan. They are my life, with seemingly every action I do revolving around them. I had no idea my life would forever change upon discovering our professional basketball team at an early age, back when I witnessed the power and skill of Chris Webber, the pure stroke of Peja Stojakovic, the incredible finesse of Vlade Divac, the impenetrable defense of Doug Christie, and most of all, the game winning shots of my favorite player of all time, Mike Bibby. I have never felt anything close to what I felt after watching Bibby nail a jumper in Game 5, after watching Kevin Martin hit an awkward layup over Tim Duncan in Game 3, after watching Tyreke hit a half-court shot at the buzzer, and just about every other Sacramento Kings' moment. I have watched every game for 10+ years, followed every rumor, considered every possible trade, and dreamed of an NBA Championship trophy in Sacramento. Needless to say, these guys fill my soul with purple and black.

One of the happiest moments of my Kings' fandom occurred when I stumbled upon Sactown Royalty. I was ecstatic; a place where hundreds of other die-hard Kings fans can come to talk about anything, without any L*kers fan butting in about some useless crap nobody cares about? Talk about a dream! I love this site and everyone that contributes to it, as it has made my fan experience about 10x better (seemingly impossible).

Now, on to the mess we have now. Relocation. Anaheim. Virginia Beach. FTM. Hansen. Ballmer. Seattle. BOG. David Stern. KJ. Burkle. Mastrov. Vetting. Minority owners. Mitch Richmond. $20 million. The past three or so years have been indescribably difficult to hear and think about. Tears were shed. Denial was the first step, followed quickly by more tears. It couldn't be true! Then, as we all know, KJ came and saved the day in an unbelievable fashion. Yet, here we are again in the final boss battle, with Seattle.

When the Kings were in their final year (2011-2012 season) of attempting to show that Sacramento was indeed worthy of housing an NBA team, it became impossible to focus on the games with a black cloud lurking over every one of them. As KJ and company slowly but surely laid down the bricks to create the foundation that is living proof, it became more and more likely that we would stay. Then, the most shocking and joyful news in quite a while: The Maloofs, KJ, and the NBA had agreed on an arena plan. The way that made that news even better? It came on my birthday. That's right: The SWEETEST birthday gift imaginable. Then, one day after my mom's birthday, Sacramento voted 7-2 on the plan. Incredible.

What happened after that? Some terrible maloofery, followed by a lack of money and nothing more than a highly unprofessional and pathetic move. Disgraceful, to put it lightly. Summer and fall passes...rumors arise of Anaheim (again), then Virginia Beach, amongst other places. Would this be the last season in Sacramento? The Maloofs said that their goal was to say in Sacramento. Why not trust developers? *SPOILER ALERT* : We shouldn't.

Once again, big news: The Maloofs have sold to a Seattle group. Wait, WHAT??? After years and years of saying that they weren't leaving Sacramento, let alone sell the team, they sold it out of thin air? To SEATTLE? WITHOUT EVEN CONSULTING SACRAMENTO?!? Yes, there were reports that they did offer one Sacramento-based group the team, but let's be real here: The Maloofs knew that KJ was the key. "Offering" to Sacramento by secretly consulting one possible owner and not even announcing that the team was for sale is, well, nothing short of a huge dick move and a big "F U" to Sacramento.

The next few weeks/months are horrendous for Kings fans...KJ, whales, Burkle, Mastrov, Ellis, Broad, Stern, Ballmer, Hansen, Chris Daniels, Sam Amick, Aaron Bruski. After days and days of speculation, however, the announcement was finally made: BURKLE AND MASTROV would join forces to fight for ownership of the Sacramento Kings.

The funny thing? Once again, this made at a special time for me: One day after my birthday. For the second year in a row, the Sacramento Kings franchise has pulled at my heartstrings. Once again, this is the best birthday gift I could ever ask for.

Will my gift be taken away from me, from US, Sacramento Kings' fans, once again? I pray not. The Maloofs already ruined my birthday once. Let's hope that KJ, Burkle, and Mastrov can come through in the clutch, making sure that we can all wish for something basketball related in the future, without the worry of whether we will even have the chance to to watch NBA basketball here. In Sacramento. SACRAMENTO KINGS BASKETBALL.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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