Definition: Being lied to, being used, being deceived, being tricked by a douchebag, being screwed over.

Dear Maloofs,

I have been a Kings fan my whole entire life. I remember when you guys became owners of the Kings and at that time I had no idea that a decade or two later I would be wishing that you never existed. I am of Lebanese decent as my father was born there and moved here when he was 18 and worked his ass of to make a great life for himself and his family. I say this because I know you are of Lebanese decent and it brings me shame knowing I share the same ethnicity as you. You guys are pathetic and have no idea what hard work or integrity is. Just knowing that you have been given everything to you without any dedication to your craft just makes me sick. You are one of the worst examples of what is wrong with today's society. You guys are money hungry people who have not actually worked toward any of your fortune. Let's start from the beginning...

Family Name: Your father had a successful business and was an owner of the Houston Rockets. You sold his business, opened up a casino, ran the Sacramento Kings and community into the ground all to save a few bucks. The sad part is no matter how much money you make in your miserable lives at least I know you can never make your father happy or bring good fortune to his name. You are an absolute disgrace to your family name and nothing you do now will change that. It is about the choices you make in life and how those choices affect people around you. You have made some absolutely terrible choices in the past decade that have led to the downfall of your family and name.

Casino: Tell me that your brother george is a genius for building a casino off the Vegas strip. I have been to vegas once and I will tell you that most people would prefer to stay on the strip and walk to the different bars or clubs. They will not take a cab from the strip to the palms because it is a waste of money. George is telling you he knows what he is doing; however, as you can see you own 2% of that casino not because of the economy but because of its location and because of the incompetence of its owners. Who the hell decides to build a casino in vegas off the strip? Oh that's right your brother george does.

Integrity: You have no integrity. One year ago you tell the fans that you came to an agreement to an arena deal and to keep the Kings in sacramento. Less than a week later you tell us that it's a bad deal for sacramento. What is puzzling to me is that the NBA negotiated the deal for you. You owe them in excess of $100 million in a credit line and they were doing you a favor. Also, they were giving you a $70 million loan to help with your share towards the arena deal. The lies that escape your mouths of how it's a bad deal for the city even though you basically were putting no money towards the deal is just pathetic.

Pathetic: This word describes each member of your family. This word describes your lies, your twisting of words, your brother george who is a "developer", payroll, and your souls. The fact that you guys have not worked hard but have been handed everything to you is absolutely pathetic.

Kings: I don't even know where to start. You enjoyed the success of the early 2000's when petrie actually was sober and knew how to draft and make trades to anyone but the rockets. The last few years I have had optimism that the team can turn it around. However, then I realize how messed up the management is and who is pulling the strings. This team is just not put well together and is run by a bunch of maloofs. From the lowest payroll, missing the playoffs for 6 or 7 seasons you wonder why you can't sell tickets. You bought this team thinking you would make money off of the fans in sacramento. Just so you know we supported you guys for years and we still do. However, when you mistreat the fans, put no commitment towards improving the team, try moving the team to anaheim, try moving the team to virginia beach, and now try moving the team to seattle how are we supposed to support you? The FACT is sacramento has supported you through the good years and the bullshit years and you repay us by trying to Maloof us.

Fans: I can guarantee you that if it were any other city dealing with the maloofs for all these years they would probably only be able to get around 5,000 people per game. Fact is we get around 14,000 to 15,000 fans on average because we love our team through the good and the bad. The fact is we all dislike the maloofs. The negativity that you have brought to this fan base and community is just sickening.

I HOPE that this team stays in sacramento.

I HOPE that Burkle/Mastrov take this team and make it into a championship contender in the near future.

I HOPE a new downtown arena changes sacramento, brings in new businesses, and revives our downtown.

I HOPE KJ gets a huge statue outside the arena.

I HOPE the future of sacramento and future of the Kings is nothing but positive.

I HOPE all this because no matter how much money you make in your miserable lives that none if it compares to the success of Sacramento, the Kings, KJ, Burkle, Mastrov, and all the fans. Just knowing that you FAILED with Sacramento and the Kings but that after you left it enjoyed great success is the best karma in this situation. I want you guys to have all the money you want because it can never make you happy. Just knowing that you have failed your fathers name, your fathers business, your casino, and the Sacramento Kings will make all of us fans happy in the end. KARMA.

If and when the Kings stay we as the fans and community will have finally turned the corner and will be able to look towards a bright future with out the bullshit of the maloofs. The maloofs will be gone with they $525 million ready to fail at another business and one day look back on their miserable lives and realize that they did all of this......

What they did is THEY MALOOFED THEMSELVES. Think about that. They MALOOFED their own family. Damn.


(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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