Bill Walton, the happiest guy in the world, aka Einstein, DaVinci, Jobs, and now Tyreke Evans



"The Kings faithful here in the Valley of the Sun, rising as one, surging toward the court."

-Bill Walton

Every once in a while an almost forgotten creature from a different time pops up right next to Grant Napear. It has a huge mouth, a funny look and a compassionate heart.

Bill Walton is given a hard time a lot around here and I totally understand why. Whatever your take on Walton is (and I enjoy most jokes about him), he does provide a nice change from the usual, at least for a while. By comparison, Walton is a funny phenomenon.

Sean Elliot is mean and unpleasant. The Clippers guy (I don´t even want to know his name) is a condescending prick with whom I wouldn´t want to spend 30 seconds in the mensroom peeing next to eachother. He´d probably say something like "Don´t feel bad, not everyone can be equipped equally" without even looking. Being dependant on LeaguePass I´ve listened to them all, some are boring, some are unbearable, many are just great. But none of them is like Bill Walton.

Even Napier is hard to get used to, and still after many years. He may be our idiot, but he´s still an idiot. I´m appreciating his efforts over the last few weeks, but that doesn´t change the fact that he comes across just a little too rough. Sometimes he´s delivering shots below the belt without noticing it, because he just has that in him. Napear probably thinks he´s a tough guy, to me he´s just a bit of a bully.

And that´s where one of Waltons most lovable characteristics really stands out. He is a nice guy. I don´t sense any bad intentions in anything he ever says. He seems like a pretty tolerant person always ready to help when called upon. He´s one of those guys I´d like to sit down with for an evening, share a drink let his wisdom rain down on me. I wouldn´t want him to have my phone number, but that´s another story. I appreciate most of his anecdotes about the basketball greats because he knows them all. That kind of inside info is hard to come by.

Of course soon the first quarter is over and it´s starting to get a little too much. To me it comes down to whether or not the game is entertaining. If it´s is boring with a lot of whistles and breaks, Waltons voice takes up too much room and it´s starting to bother me. If he could do maybe a quarter a game I could probably enjoy that.

With 8 minutes to go in the 3rd and the Kings up 19, Bill asked what the largest margin of victory in the history of the Kings was, speculated it may be about 70 points and said that might be in reach tonight. Of course stuff like that leaves us shaking out heads, wondering what the heck is going on inside that head of his. If only sometimes he would think before he speaks.

When he says that it would be "great to have a brain scan on a great player like IT during the course of a game and see the spikes in anticipation and the spikes in bloodflow in the brain", that´s obviously huge BS, but I also like to look at it as creativity and true ouside the box thinking. If you can´t say anything elso for him, at his least takes and detours really drive Grant crazy, and for some reason I enjoy that thought a lot.

I get that he can be annyoing, but please don´t be too hard on him. It could be much worse, and if we weren´t spoiled by Jerry, maybe some of you would appreciate the entertainment Walton provides a lot more.

To Bill Walton, Roller of Eyes, Beater of Drums, Dealer of Smiles, Master of Hyperbole, I really like the guy.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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