My NBA BOG Prediction.

As we sit here on 3/3/2013 we have that deja vu feeling. We have been in a spot to wait for the NBA Board or Governors meetings too many times in recent years. As we sit, we wait, we ponder, discuss argue and hope. There are enough opinions floating around to drive anyone crazy.

So im adding one more.

Lets go back a few weeks, to NBA All Star Weekend Press Conference with Commissioner Stern and his comments regarding the Sacramento, Seattle Saga which without question stole the Show of this presser.

When asked about expansion, it will said that he doesn't think the option was on the table, or an option in the near future, adding that he doesn't feel that there is an outcome that will leave both cities happy.

Keep in mind this was before Sacramento had any investors, a re-confirmed symbolic vote on our downtown arena or anything more than hope and promises on the issue. Of course the answer has to be, no to expansion, as there was only 1 viable city at that time with offers on the Table for the Sacramento Kings, and that was the Hansen Balmer group in Seattle and their "binding" deal with the Maloofs.

Fast forward to now, we have 2 offers, Maybe 3,if Keriotis submits his offer.

The tides have to change at this time, Sacramento AGAIN has done what is required, asked and expected for a city to keep its beloved team. There is no reason that Sacramento should lose this team, (do not say "But Seattle has a binding Deal", we know that just means Maloofs cant accept other offers, doesnt mean NBA cant deny Seattle and Approve Sacramento.)

With that being said, I think David Sterns Smoke screen has dissipated and we will soon see exspansion on the table, maybe by next season, maybe by the time that Seattle Finishes their new building. But Seattle will get their team, in a few years, when they have their building.

Stern had to be careful about talking about Expansion before he knew if Sacramento would deliver on our promise for the Whales, the Arena and the offer to keep The Kings. We have delivered, the NBA knows we are serious and there is now NO Reason why approval shouldnt be in our favor and expansion settles the Seattle Drama.

If Stern does this right not only will he be in position to be the Greatest Commisioner of All time in any sport but he will set the Table for Adam Silver to do the right thing and welcome back the Seattle SuperSonics in a few short years and finally remove the ice bag from the black eye the NBA has had since the Sonics became the Thunder.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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