Carmichael Dave's Mother-In-Law Weighs In

The following post was not written by me, it was written by none other than Carmichael Dave's Mother-In-Law. I've never met her, but its probably safe to assume she's a wonderful woman...

The King(s) and I -

I have a confession. I have unexpectedly begun spreading the gospel to Save the Kings. I talk aboutthem to my coworkers. I talk about them with friends on my email. OK, so those of you in Sacramentodon't find anything unusual about that. However, I live in Southern California. In the Inland Empire. Iwas born in Southern California and I have lived in Southern California all of my 60 years. And, while Iwas growing up, my father was a staunch Lakers Fan.

We are fortunate in Los Angeles, and the outer regions, to have several major league sports teams tosupport: Los Angeles Lakers, Los Angeles Clippers, Anaheim Duck and Los Angeles Kings. (Now, if youwish to talk about long suffering fans supporting a team, how about 40+ years it took the Kings to winthe Stanley Cup! And then, came back this year to be as crappy as ever!) We also know a little aboutlosing our teams. The Rams might not have been much, but they were our team when I was growing up.(When in high school, my drill team even marched at half time at a Rams game!) And then one day, theywere gone. And, of course, the here again, gone again Raiders......

So, why my sudden interest in the Sacramento Kings? The biggest reason is that I have a vested interestin the City. Carmichael Dave is married to my only child. He is the father of the two other most preciousthings in this world to me: my grandchildren.

I must admit that I have not always been so supportive. And, if I am being honest, I haven't always beenthat understanding. For all of the years that I have known Dave, the Kings have always monopolized agreat deal of his time. When he had his radio show, he was always doing research and/or networkingfor material for discussion on his show. It always seemed as though he was too busy with things relatedto the Kings. There are those who would say that was his job. That is true. But, this goes far beyondwhat any job may require. I have come to learn over the past months, but especially the past few weekswhile keeping up with Dave on his cross-country trip, that he is truly passionate about all things relatedto the Kings. There is a deep rooted love for this team that has grown up with him through the years.

Those of you that have been fans of Dave and his radio shows in the past have often seen a side of Davethat I do not see. I am hundreds of miles away and am not privy to what transpires on a daily basis.However, I have watched the installments of the Playing to Win Tours episodes in awe and pride. I wasso impressed with the interview that he had with the mayor of OKC and how relevant that was to theissues at hand in Sacramento. Living in Southern California, it is difficult to imagine that the capital cityof California is considered a SMALL Market. I have also been touched in watching him tear up whenhe talks about the fans who support the Kings and have come to see him in his efforts to make othersaware of the plight that now faces Sacramento fans. I cried when I watched his willingness to share witheveryone his emotions when speaking to his children on the phone. And, especially when he read whatMelissa planned on presenting to the Sacramento City Council meeting. I swelled with pride when Iwatched my beautiful daughter speak in support of her husband and her City.

There has been much talk about sacrifices. Everything that matters in life requires some type ofsacrifice. Be it time, money, pride.....I hope that everyone that has followed the Playing to WinTour realize all of the sacrifices that have been made to send forth the message to keep the Kings in Sacramento. There are big things like being at home with the family. But there are small things likea child's tender kiss, a wife's warm embrace, making pizza with the kids, sending the daughter to herroom for the umpteenth time.....I will admit that I did not get it at first. It seemed to me a frivolousexcursion and I didn't really see that it would make much difference one way or another. I was wrong.I have always prided myself in believing that all things are possible. But, I did not believe in what couldbe accomplished by driving around a big purple RV. Sacramento, take pride in what Dave and his crewhave done in your honor. They have gone out into the world to tell anyone that would hear that you arewilling to fight for your Team.

I am proud of him. And know that you are, too.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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