Selling Seatown: Expansion After (Potential) Victory


These past few weeks have been passionate ones for myself, as well as many other Kings fans who feel as if one too many times the rug has been pulled out from underneath them. This passion is totally natural and expected. But as of late this passion has begun to rear it’s ugly head, choosing to feed upon the emotions of fans from Sacramento and Seattle alike.

Over the past few days I have found myself, more and more, trying to calm down these passions with logic on the usual fan haunts of Sactown Royalty and Twitter. But as much as I try, it seems that logic is often a lost art form in places such as these. I think I feel this way because the anonymity that these modern forms of debate, coupled with the fleetingness of past claims in this new found media, create a place where wires of communication get crossed, history is forgotten, and arguments are mute to the latest news that creates evidence du jour.

As I have stated in my past post on Sactown Royalty, it is often the best approach to sit back and look at the evidence before you. Only with that vacation from the constantly evolving story, better known as the battle for our Kings, do you have the appreciation to find a true rationale that actually accomplishes something greater.

Today, in one of those moments where I wanted to get away from the negativity that has infected our discussion with those from Seattle, I had an epiphany. What happens after it’s all said and done?

As much as I have confidence in what Sacramento has done, I know what it would feel like if we lost and know that is how Sonics fans will feel if we come out with a win. Now I have my reasons for my confidence, but that is better left for another time (In other words, leave the pissing contests for another post). What I do want to discuss is how we react if we win.

Empathizing with Seattle’s viewpoint is what makes me believe that it is of the utmost importance that we respect our neighbors from the north at the same level that we would want from them if they were to win. But at the same time simple decorum is not enough to satisfy my own moral compass.

Wrongs have been perpetrated upon the Seattle basketball community, just as wrongs have been perpetrated upon us in this very process. Now again, we can debate which saga has been worse until the cows come home (which is late, I mean I do live in a cow town, so I know a lot about cows), but that is not the right approach when seeking the justice that both cities deserve.

But what is justice? Plato’s spent entire books trying to define this abstractly complex word. I will do the exact opposite, for the sake of time and word count, and say it is when what is right is achieve. The idea of a zero sum game that has been given to us by the NBA as gospel is in no way going to achieve an outcome that is right—it will instead have injustice thrusted upon the city that comes out of the process empty handed.

It is with this logic that, before any decision is made, I have decide to pledge my time and effort to expansion for Seattle if we are victorious. It makes no sense to me to continue to berate and belittle people so much like myself and other Kings fans just because they happen to be from another place and have an allegiance to another team—especially if we win. I choose to fight for them so that I may have disagreements with them about what happens on the court, rather than about what happens in the boardroom.

And so, to live within this logical structure, I have decide to post on a pledge, rather than a petition. It is a pledge that states that you, as Kings fans, will stand by people like you, people who might be in the same position you might very well be in when this process is over. It is not a pledge against your fellow NBA fans who have had little or nothing to do with the saga we now live through, but rather a pledge to FIGHT against the illogical structure that says expansion is not a relevant or worthwhile endeavor for the Association.

This is to say that you pledge you believe that the best solution to this current stalemate is expansion. At the same time, it also says that if we win, expansion is something just and worthy enough that you would fight for it, even without benefit to yourself, because you wish to fight for what is universally the right and just thing to do.

It is in this exercise in thinking outside of ourselves that we as Sacramenteans show our greatness. There is no guarantee that such feeling and resolve would be reciprocated by the Seattle fan base, but if we are as righteous as we claim to be as Kings fans, it’s shouldn’t matter what they might or might not do. What matters is that we put forth the effort for those who have been wronged, not matter who they are.

I simply ask that you rise above and expand the horizons of the NBA.

Thank you for your consideration and I encourage you to sign my pledge at

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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