Top 10 Reasons for the NBA Board of Governors to Vote Down the Seattle Sale and Keep the Kings in Sacramento

10) Seattle is over-rated as an NBA market.
Seattle is a Football town and Husky town first and foremost and otherwise a fair weather sports market out performed by the two two smaller markets they have lost professional teams to: Milwaukee and Oklahoma City. Post Ken Griffey Junior and Ichiro the Seattle Mariners are # 26 in MLB attendance in 2012; #27 in 2013. The Milwaukee Brewers were #11 last year and OKC has been putting up strong numbers since moving from Seattle. As soon as the novelty wears off or the Hedge fund manager has the wrong hunch and loses his billions, the Sonics will be drawing Maloof-like attendance but without the Maloofs.

9) Sacramento is a superior NBA market as a one major professional sports team region.
It is common knowledge that Sacramento beat Seattle in attendance 20 of the 23 seasons they co-existed. Sacramento has set NBA records for consecutive sellout seasons and the recent turn in the market has been attributable to Maloofery and lack of ownership assets. Despite this they remained more profitable than the Seattle Sonics in recent years both cities had teams.

8) The NBA doesn't want to further tarnish its image by taking the Kings out of Sacramento - a great market.
Ethically you don't just abandon a #20 market with a long history of fabulous fan support and only one Professional sports franchise (NBA) just because an incompetent and financially broke ownership group chose to torch, burn, sabotage the succes of their teams, decimate a product, Maloof, and completely alienate a fan base in order to garner support to move their team to at least 5 less desirable markets in return for financial bailouts from failed business dealings. You certainly don't ethically do this over a late $16 million increased bid after a "sort of binding" sale agreement.

7) Sacramento has done everything the NBA has asked of them to keep their team.
All previous attempts to build an arena in Sacramento were Maloofed and failed on account the Mallof families behavior and decisions. Without the Maloofs it took Sacramento only 3 months to put together an excellent and exciting arena plan; it has taken Seattle 5 years to put together an arena plan since losing their team.

6) The political support and will to keep the NBA in Sacramento is unprecedented.
Mayor Kevin Johnson has performed for the NBA like no no other major in history, KJ remains a strong political alley of the NBA, and will be a strong political force politically in California for years to come; the leader of the California State Senate Darrell Steinberg is on board with the effort to keep the Kings in Sacramento.

5) Sacramento has assembled a visionary and talented ownership group that will contribute to the future of the NBA enormously.
The Sacramento ownership group is led by Vivek Ranadive, Mark Mastrov; the Jacobs family - founders of communications giant Qualcomm, local Sacramento developer Mark Friedman, and Chris Kelly - former Facebook social networking brainiac. The NBA appears more enamored with the creative talent of Ranadive and company as opposed to the Seattle Hedge fund manager and Microsoft's Ballmer who have made their billions in a slash and burn fashion at the expense of others. The visionary and socially conscious face of Microsoft has been Bill Gates not Steve Ballmer.

4) The Global market will be expanded under the new Kings ownership group.
It is no coincidence that David Stern just visited India to discuss this vision of a new global market with dignitaries in India.

3) the NBA wants to avoid the bad precedence that will potentially destroy this league prior to the next collective bargaining agreement or the next time a cities lease expires. Namely:
a) Revenue streams potentially more lucrative, and potentially less lucrative, should not be favored at the exclusion of valued public subsidies
b) Don't screw over cities that offer 255 million in arena subsidies twice;
c) Dont let a vindictive, immoral, incompetent ownership group unilaterally decide who teams are sold to and where they are relocated to;
d) Dont let immoral, egomaniac billionaires force their entitlement world view on the NBA Board of Governors with "binding sale agreements," non-refundable 30 million deposits that should be covered by the local cities held hostage, and unethical entrapment attempts to lure others into binding agreements with plans to subsequently screw over local ownership groups by locking them out of the bidding process.

2) FTM. The NBA is tired of years of Maloofery and does not want to continue to be Maloofed into movingly a team out of a great market that.

1) Good should prevail over evil.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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