My Reply to Chris Hansen

Chris Hansen posted on the Seattle Arena site that he plans to continue to fight using the binding agreement that they had with The Maloofs to buy the team for a record amount for the NBA, that they have more money, the "best ownership group ever assembled" and a better arena deal, and plans to fight this at the BOG meeting mid July.

His opinion on this matter is null and void.

The Nba has delayed the BOG meetings until yesterday, held special meetings on 4/3 and 4/17 and has done presumably as many checks and balances on the Sacramento group as they possibly could to make sure the above mentioned is purely opinion and not fact.

If Seattle had more money, better owners, a better arena or as Hansen put it, Sacramento had an incomplete ownership group the NBA would have ended this Months ago, in fact this might not have even started in the first place.

The NBA knows Sacramento is legit from top to bottom and that is why we won this battle. But Hansen still continues to hold onto the "Binding" agreement... SO lets think for a minute.

In order a buy a team it needs league approval, to move a team League approval, you know this coming into the situation. You know as a prospective buyer that you do not automatically get the green light to own a team because you have an agreement in writing, that just isn't how it works in the NBA.

With that being said lets Take The Sacramento Group out of this. Its just Hansen, Balmer and the Maloofs.

Hansen gets an agreement to buy the Team... It goes to BOG, they vet the offer and lets say they deny the sale, it would be the same situation he is in now, it is all contingent on the NBA BOG approval to be a part of their league. and this is where i Feel Hansen has no leg to stand on.

If he wants to keep burning bridges, fine.. ill send the matches to Seattle, piss of the NBA Hansen, the only ones being hurt by these upcoming "actions" are the Fans in Seattle who desperately want and deserve to have basketball back.

Also if you think the BOG will be willing to hear your case again in May, I would bet that you are mistaken Sir, it was unanimous, maybe if it were split you could try to plea you case to get the undecided on your side, but NO ONE voted in favor of Seattle... NO ONE... and guess what based on that No ONE WILL.... except the Maloofs but lets face it... they are a figure of the past at this point.

When it is all said and done... We are Sacramento, and as Grant Napear so elegantly put it... We don't Wave the white flag, we dont quit.


(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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