Time to look forward?

As of Monday, it seems extremely likely that the Kings will be staying in Sacramento for the foreseeable future. Hip hip horray and all that jazz!! (But really, I'm extremely stoked!!) Anyways, I think it's time for us to start looking forward to the NBA draft, and at some key, internal questions. I've made comments about the internal question, but I am going to reiterate them here.

1. Is Isaiah Thomas our PG of the future? If yes, awesome and time to move on to other pressing matters. If no, well I am not high on the PG's in this draft, so again, time to move on. I like Trey Burke, but at this time I don't think he is enough of an upgrade over IT to draft him.

2. What do we do with Tyreke Evans? I, personally, would prefer to keep him, because as he is right now, he is a serviceable NBA player who still has a lot of upside. With new coaches and ownership, I would hope he could blossom into the star that he is capable of being. If, however, we do not retain him, I would at least hope to get something in return for his leaving, either a draft pick (or two) and/or player(s) of equal value. To me, as long as we either sign him to an affordable contract or get good value out of his leaving, I will be happy.

3. What kind of trade value does Marcus Thornton have? In the two seasons prior to this one, he has shown that he is a more than capable scorer at the NBA level, as long as he is given minutes. I don't think that he is a good fit for this team because he demands the ball more than I would like. I think it would be best for the Kings and for Thornton to trade him to a defensive minded contender, who could have him come off the bench to provide scoring. I was thinking Memphis, because they're two starting guards currently are very good defensively, which would help hide is oft times porous defense. What could we get in return for him?

4. The biggest question is what in the world do we do with DeMarcus Cousins? He has all the talent in the world we could want, but his ego is also the size of the world. He has one year remaining on his contract, so we do have a little time to decide his future with the Kings. Hopefully we bring in a coach who will know how to handle Cousins and extract his full potential. If we do decide to make a commitment to Cousins, I would hope that we get a defensive minded post to play alongside him.

As far as the draft goes, here is a list of the players I think could be a fit (in no particular order.)

Otto Porter Jr: The best SF in the draft, fills an obvious need and should be a very solid player. We would have to get into the top 3 to draft him.

Victor Oladipo: In the event that Evans leaves, I like this guy to fill the void at SG. Excellent perimeter D, and a developing offensive game.

Elias Harris: I'm biased, but if we somehow get a mid-late 2nd round pick, I would love to draft this guy to play SF.

Jamaal Franklin: As of now, he is not worthy of a 6th pick, but if we traded down/netted a later pick, he, too, could help fill the void left by the potential leaving of Evans.

Gorgui DIeng: A defensive minded center, could help Cousins on D, while also deferring to Cousins while he works on his offensive game. Likely would trade down to get him.

These aren't all the good picks, but these are the ones who I think would help our team. I'd love to hear your thoughts on anything I wrote, or if you have ideas of your own.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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