Faith on Kings Staying in Sacramento

I have no idea why most sonics fans have a "sense of entitlement" in terms of deserving our Kings. Sonics fans please do not refer to our Kings as your sonics. Most sonics fans/Seattle media have said it is a done deal, our whales have no $$ in comparison to Hansen/Ballmer, and or it is a binding agreement. The fact is, you do not know what the NBA BOG will decide and you never have any facts to back up your biased claims. What you have failed to realize is that the Kings being in Sacramento mean a lot more to us than just basketball. The Kings leaving Sacramento would hurt beyond just the sports aspect. The Kings leaving would leave people unemployed, lead to businesses closing, hinder economic development, and tear this community apart. The sonics fans/Seattle media need to realize that your arrogance about this situation is pathetic and will not matter in the end. Just realize that people will lose out on a lot if the Kings leave Sacramento.

The support of this city for the Kings goes beyond sports. My opinion is the Kings will stay based on the following:

Fan Support:

19 sell out seasons, higher attendance in 20 of 23 seasons in comparison to Seattle, and 10,000 SEASON TICKET Pledgss if team stays. I will caution people that the 44,000 ticket interest from the Hansen group is a joke considering it was interest in both the NBA and NHL. Also, there was no approximate pricing for the season ticket packages for the Hansen group.

City/State Support:

Sacramento City Council has passed two arena term sheets in the last year.

Senator Steinberg has stated CA laws will allow for the environmental review process to be expedited in terms of our arena plan.


Burkle: His experience and success with an arena in the NHL will only help our cause to prove to the NBA that our arena plan is flawless.

Vivek: Current minority owner of Warriors will only help to gain support from BOG and Stern. His Globalization ideas in regards to the NBA and India will only support the Kings staying in Sacramento. Vivek has the vision to lead the NBA into the India market.

Mastrov: Mastrov finished 2nd in Warriors blind bid and is well liked among owners. He has the passion to put together a winning team.

Jacobs Family: It is well known that Stern is fond of the Jacobs name and only adds to the power of the current ownership group.

KJ: His relationship with the NBA, experience dealing with BOG, and his networking with owners.

Public/Private Partnership: The $255 million coming from the public will a great example for future NBA cities when they negotiate arena deals. Additionally, the value of a small market team selling for a record setting number is much more valuable to future sales compared to selling in a bigger market. The NBA approved our arena plan last year and using common sense will approve our arena plan this year.

The Sacramento Kings have been a model franchise and will continue to be one with the addition of a downtown arena with a huge public subsidy and the globalization of the NBA.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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