A open letter from Kings fan in Hong Kong

Hi guys, I'm Felix, or you can just call me "fccpw", the initials of my full name, and I'm gonna tell you my story as a Kings fans. I'm gonna be totally honest to you guys, that I don't think I'm a devoted Kings fan...

As a Chinese, or Hongkongers as some of the locals say, exposing to the NBA is very limited in this side of the globe. Local TV only show a game a week in the late 90s when I starting to finally understand sports and basketball. Everyone here loves Jordan/Penny/Grant Hill/Shaq or Bulls. Local newspaper only have a small portion of coverage everyday with daily scores only. The team names, especially the names of the cities are really funky and weird as they are direct'y translated into Chinese.

When the Kings started to rise in the late 90s and early 2000s, I jumped on the bandwagon, thinking the team can play in a fast and slow pace and thought it was very unique(hell, I was a teenager and didn't a damn of basketball knowledge). We NBA fans here, regardless who you are rooting for, watch play by plays, highlights of the game here. Internet at that time is slow, those telephone line-based modem are just 56Kbps and it will get disconnected once someone call on the phone.

I was happy, I was delighted, I was shocked, I was devastated on the Horry's shot like every Kings fans. I started to get better coverage one I got broadband services on 2003 and stayed as a member of for 8 straight years until it turned into a blog and disappear.

I 'm rooting for the team and especially the guys that were drafted by the team. From Darius Songalia, Kevin Martin, Francisco Garcia, Quincy Douby, Spencer Hawes, up to Thomas Robinson(until he was traded, damn.....)

I'm rooting for a team that most part of East Asia is clueless of where Sacramento is.

I'm rooting for a team despite I can root for any 29 team and all of those cities have basically the same or similar timezone. I still follow games in the morning and watch replays at night.

I'm rooting for a team but I had never been in America before, not to say Sacramento and a great community.

Honestly, I didn't have a clue that the team is relocating on 2011, Kingstalk was broken 3-4 years ago and I didn't know the Kings was moving until the league blocked the move. Since then I started frantically searching for another site to follow closely on the situation. I purchased league pass and came here last season, I got more immersed into the franchise, the community and the city.

These two years are up and downs for every Kings fans, including me. And I gotta say you guys are the best community, the best sports fanbase in the world.

Right here in Hong Kong, there are no local sports team at all. There are a lot of political struggles here. Certain events here became a joke internationally, and there is just too much social displeasure here. (For those of you that are amazed why I do have these kind of freedom of speech, please note that here in Hong Kong is very, very different from other areas of China. Here we have the utmost freedom of speech and we had a lot of voices against the Chinese government, not political execution or imprisonment here )

In a nutshell, Hong Kong is a huge metropolis like New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, Tokyo, London, Madrid, Rome, Moscow etc. But WE DON'T' HAVE A LOCAL TEAM TO CHEER.

The resilience, the optimism, the never fighting never giving up spirit, these are the lessons I learn from you guys, a precious lesson you guys taught.

Regardless of everything, it's mean an honor to be a Kings fans.


P.S. BTW, anyone know what happen to the guys in Kingstalk? Or are there any guys here that were formerly Kingstalk?

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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