From my Father in law

Husband of one the 2 Blind sisters, thought I should share it here:

Is the NBA Irrelevant?

On Friday, May 10, 2013, The Maloof Family and the Seattle based Hansen-Ballmer Group made it very plain that they considered the NBA, and basketball fans everywhere (except in Seattle), as totally irrelevant. While such hubris, on the part of the Maloofs, has been long evident to Sacramento Kings fans, every other basketball fan, team and owner needs to realize that where the Kings will play basketball next year is only a smokescreen hiding a much larger issue - a direct challenge to the authority of the National Basketball Association.

The NBA is a "Professional" member of USA Basketball. The USA Basketball Constitution states, in Article 3, Purpose; "The purpose of this Association is to act as the national governing body for the sport of basketball in the United States…". Last Friday Hansen-Ballmer and the Maloofs threw down the gauntlet challenging the authority of the NBA.

The saga of the Maloofs mismanagement of both the Sacramento Kings and their personal finances is well established. What has, recently, become more apparent is the Maloof's hidden disdain for Sacramento, Sacramento fans and the NBA.

Over the last few years the NBA has invested thousands of hours, and even more dollars, in providing Sacramento with the opportunity to keep the Sacramento Kings in the city that has provided them unparalleled support for decades. The Maloofs, on the other hand, have cried "crocodile tears" of support for Sacramento while scuttling all efforts of the NBA and repeatedly (and often quietly) attempting to sell the team - in sheer childish spite - to anyone who would move the team out of Sacramento.

Over a year ago the Maloofs found kindred souls in the Hansen-Ballmer group, in Seattle. They seized this opportunity to conspire, with Hansen-Ballmer, to, literally, steal the team from Sacramento and move it to Seattle - a city that gave up their basketball team with, relatively, barely a whimper.

After an unprecedented vetting process, of all aspects of the proposed sale and relocation of the team, the (unanimous) initial determination of the NBA Relocation Committee was that it was in the best interests of USA basketball, the NBA and Sacramento that the Sacramento Kings remain in Sacramento.

In response to this lengthy and reasoned decision the Maloof-Hansen-Ballmer cabal raised an arrogant "middle finger" to the NBA and basketball fans everywhere. In a move worthy only of juvenile schoolyard bullies, they have resorted to bribery and, when that failed, to "fouling the water" lest anyone else be able to drink.

If the NBA caves to such terrorist tactics then it will be plain to every team, every owner, every fan and everyone else associated with basketball - in any capacity - that, eventually, they could be next. Will the NBA cave or will it remain true to its charter and principles? It is my personal hope that they will refuse to be intimidated. Either way, we will know the answer very soon.

Terry N. Reitz

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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