To Stay Bad, or Get Good that is the Question?

Many of the fanpost and Kings articles around the web have focused on the personnel roster wise, exploring questions on who we should draft, what holes to fill, or who to sign via free agency. If we should retain Tyreke or go for supposed Dwyane Wade 2.0 Monta Ellis. And although these hopes and aspirations for the Kings, if they stay, are corgal and light hearted a split subconsciously has been born through these discussions, whats better for our future to stay bad or get good.

In this day in age I split teams into three catagories in how they approach getting good when being bad

First Option the "Colangelo Method"

Know I now what your thinking, nonstripedzebra isnt Colangelo that asshole who talked shit about our favorite idiotic problem child Boogie Cousins? Why yes but the Colangelo method is actually named after his imbecile son Brian.

At the beginning of the season the Raptors were in a very similar situation as the Kings. They were building through the draft, or with youth and had had lackluster results doing so. By mid season the Raps were having a season that had become all to consistant to their history, thus leading Colangelo to pulling the parachute and trading for Rudy Gay to instill his fans of false hope. My point is Colangelo blew up his rebuilding process for he wasnt doing it well and in response decided that a possible good team was better then trying to construct a great one. Thus the Colangelo Method is, being good is better then waiting to be great.

The Second Method is what I like to call "Javale wasnt as stupid as you thought". Also called "How did Masai Ujiri work under the Colangelo method for so long".

This second method is the Hybrid method of GMing. It starts with having players that are good, and a team with upside, that you simply try to highlight by investing in well priced, well rounded free agents as well as getting savvy in the late rounds of the draft. It is the method most recently, successfully showcased by the Denver Nuggets who are often called the team with no star. Ujiri didnt blow up Denver for he thought they had good youth and a versitle team and when shopping Carmelo Anthony thought it best to bring in lots really good players, but no single great one. You can argue that its almost impossible to win a Championship using the Javale wasnt as stupid as you thought, but in many ways it is the Patriots method in the NBA, always be a top team for you might never know what might happen come postseason. Its true in the recent NBA those teams win every 7 or 8 years such as the Pistons in 04 and to some extent the Mavs in 2011. No drop off but no guarenteed success. Time will tell if Ujiri team will be able to get over the hump however it is a completely fair way to approach rebuilding.

"The Presti System "

Now before we celebrate the Presti system we have to trace its origins to R.C. Buford, the greatest GM of all, who helped in building Presti's model for success, however Presti himself is the best example of bulding through the draft. The Presti model is the most popular thing in the league at the moment and there isnt any secret why, IT WORKS. Presti set up a system in which he made his team awful in time to draft a top 5 talent in Kevin Durant. In Durants rookie year, Presti showcased his abilities, developing his young star while still making his team again, awful just in time to swoop in and pick up another top 10 player in Russell Westbrook. Presti then commited one more year to being bad to then bring in another 10 talent in James Harden and then dropped his tanking ways and brought in proven role players who could assist on both ends of the floor to his All Star talents. Simply put the idea is tank until their is a game changing player to draft which by that point will be your franchise cornerstone. the Simple math is if you tank for four years you can have a franchise player well beyond that, hence its worth the wait.

Now all of us commentors and Purple loving writers choose one of these three methods, or some variation, which simply rasies the question what way should the Kings commit to going forward. For those in doubt I ask is this team closer to being a good team or staying a bad one? Prior to this season you might have been able to convince me we were on the ups and ups, but after seeing possibly the worst defense i've ever seen the NBA I am fully committed to the latter. If we compare the Kings to Presti's history, Sactown have their possible top 10 guy or higher in Demarcus Cousins but they are another piece away. This is the time to get bad if their ever was one, as we enter into a potential historic draft come next summer. Teams like the Magic are following suit to the Thunderesque way. As someone who was most likely much smarter then me said "why be good when greats an option". I ask the same thing of you, as Kings fans. Is the excitement of bringing in a cowbell for one round in the playoffs worth having quick exits for many years to come or is the idea of getting over the hump for a championship, replacing the nightmares of the Lakers game 7 championship run, or the horrible Webber fall seem to hard to achieve. We as Kings fans have had to deal with awful, idiotic, boneheaded players, coaches and owners for this many years, is being bad for the next couple that much to ask, in hopes of securring a real title chaser for years to come? for both our sakes I hope the answer is no.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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