We Did It Sacramento!

This all Started on January 9 with a tweet From Daina Faulk... Maloofs Agree to Sell Kings to Seattle. The Sonics are coming home... Little did they know they picked a fight with the wrong city.

As Seattle Celebrated we worked, we gathered our troops and we began to prepare for one of the biggest battles our City has seen in its modern Era.

We were not ready to lie down and die, we were not going to wave the white flight, we were here to fight.

Our Mayor promised us that this was not over, we would be in this to the very end and we will show the NBA and the world that Sacramento BELONGS in the NBA.

On that day, Sacramento began its quest, we rallied, we pledged , we stood together and we fought and did all we could as a fan base, all that could be asked of the "little guys" and we waited patiently as our leaders in this city began to forge on.

Local ownership groups stepped up, 22 to be exact, then the whales began to come into play, 2 at first. then 1, then 4, then another then 4 again, while confusing we remained confident, we never faltered our hope or passion.

With a City hall full of CrownDowntowners, The city passed the arena term Sheet, we packed the parking lots at Sleep Train Arena for HereWeBuy, backed sleep train arena, and sent Waves (Literally) through the NBA, the Fans and anyone else who cared to Watch, We were not done.

City Leaders, investors and fans took flight to NYC to face the NBA Face to Face, and gave a presentation of a life time. Kj and company killed it!

Our morale was raised and it was time to fight some more, We rallied again, and again and again, and continued to show the NBA our support. We vowed to be heard and we were heard loud and clear, our message playing loud and clear in Time Square, WE ARE SACRAMENTO.

We packed Sleep Train Arena for one last time, THIS Season, and while the Kings did not beat the Clippers, you would never have known, it felt like playoff basketball and unlike the 2011 Funeral atmosphere you could feel our confidence, even 1.5 hours after that final horn, we were still there Loud and Proud. Our Message, THIS IS OUR TEAM, THESE ARE OUR KINGS.

As the NBA Board of Governors came together we all collectively held our breathe and waited, and as Sacramento's luck would have it we would have to wait some more, but was what another few weeks after this long drawn out journey we had been a part of.

Then the Relocation committee recommends against Moving the team To Seattle 7-0 and fans Rejoice, the battle wasnt wont but the outcome was so much more clear.

This brings us to today... The final vote, while we may not have the clear answer that Vivek and Company our the New Owners of the Sacramento Kings, Seattle WILL be out of the picture and the process can begin for the RIGHT Transfer of Ownership, to the team ready to keep the Sacramento Kings home.

To Everyone who has fought, cried, pledged or watched silently from the side with anticipation and hope, Thank you, We did this together, and I have never been more proud of the city I live in, The hard work pays off today, we have a clear path to Victory and we WILL win this fight!!!!

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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