SonicsRising is a Joke and SBN Should be Ashamed to Have Them as a Member

Until today, I have been proud of the fact that I have maintained my membership at SR. I refrained from trolling them after the initial committee 7-0 vote and I adhered to their Gestapo-like rules. I went over there today, not to troll, but to see what they were saying and to generally offer encouragement. A majority of the fans there today were upset (understandably so), had ire for Stern (I suppose I get it), and turned their attention to the expansion front.

However, there was also the ignorant bunch we have all come to know and not love. Some called to burn the NBA to the ground, some wished that HBN has done it Bennett-style instead, and some continued to mock and wish ruin upon our fair city. I turned the other cheek as the delusional few ranted their litigation rubbish, and let the hypocrisy stand, but I took offense to the blatant Sac bashing as there is no justification or need for it. This one DB kept spouting Sac-hate and I eventually responded to his idiocy in an effort to politely remind him of said idiocy. My response got me banned from a blog for the first time ever. In the end, I'll get over it. However, the amount of unbridled and unabashed bias, hypocrisy, lunacy, and disdain for any opposing point of view, no matter how respectfully presented, is pathetically laughable.

So, ladies and gentlemen of StR, are you ready for the exchange which was so egregious that an immediate ban from SR was warranted? Do you think you are prepared to see the horrific and obscene language which our jingoistic overlords at SonicsRising deemed too harsh for the viewing public?

From SonicsRising DB ethanwa...

I could CARE LESS about the Kings. They will always be an irrelevant do-nothing cow basketball town to me. You may think it’s a rivalry but to me your just another crappy team.

So there you have it. Not THAT bad of a comment, but this was one of but a string of comments generally disparaging Sac - likely written in a fit of infantile rage. Counter that with this piece which is obviously written with at least juvenile rage and clearly one can see I am in the right. Nonetheless, my response to this idiot was to point out that you are an idiot. So I stated [paraphrasing as my comment as well as my account is no more]

How much less could you care ? That way, I can accurately gauge your level of caring.

No mention of Sac, no mention of "hahaha we won, you lost, suck it bitches." Yeah, it's not the greatest comeback, but I am a language purist and if you say it that way I just think you're dumb. Add to that, the previous statements about "Crapramento" and the like and I will invariably come to the conclusion that you are in all likelihood an intellectually challenged dullard. So there you have it, ethanwa of SonicsRisings is a dullard. It's settled. Unfortunately, the mods over at SR are not dullards, so I'm not quite sure what their excuse is. Nevertheless, they have the power and I'm never allowed to return to Grayskull again.

Even though I should just let it go, I'm still going to post this. I apologize to TZ, Section, Aykis, ExG, and the editor who shall not be named for posting a venting diatribe on how SonicsRising is a detriment to the fine SBN and how perhaps if they wanted zero interaction from the outside world they should have kindly declined the invitation. Nevertheless, they're here, they're in fear, so we might as well get used to it. Hopefully, the FTM brothers sell the team soon and I can never think about that site or this situation again.

To the respectful, intelligent, witty, and informed members of SR, this is not for you. I would have liked to carry on further conversations with you, but alas, this is not possible on your "site." As the users, you have a voice on how you want the site to be run. Ban the true instigating trolls, but to ban anyone with any opposing point of view is ridiculous. To my fellow StR members, I appreciate each and every one of you more as a direct result of these experiences. I did not think that I could respect our mods more, yet I do. I've been around these parts for a long time, nearly since the beginning. A great many of you have too. So while this is a big middle finger to SonicsRising, this is also a slow clap for StR. I love this site, and am SOOOO glad that we have OUR community, OUR team, in OUR city.

Go Kings!

[EDIT: Turns out I am not banned after all, but my comment was just deleted. Nonetheless, the statement stands. Maybe I will get banned now].

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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