Baller From Down Under


We’re early in the process of securing our next pseudo savior, until he logs 0/2 and 4 fouls in 6 minutes in LSVL game against the Charlotte Bobcats Hornets, and completes the trilogy of disappointment with Jimmer and T-Rob starring in the first two installments.

We are still reveling in franchise saving, new owner having, new league approving, new arena pending bliss. We are over a month away from the 2013 NBA draft, but this team needs help.

Hey, at least we’re invited to the party.

Sorry, Sonics Rising. #not #poachersdontwin

Anyone for the next Joaquim Noah?

Interviewer: How do you see yourself succeeding in the NBA?

Player: Transition. Running up and down. Working on my post game….When that comes around, I think I am going to dominate…I am not going go in straight away…but I will dominate certain tasks that they put me up to….

On this topic, there’s nothing more endearing than to hear a player not hesitant to unequivocally express his own self-belief and intention to succeed.

There is plenty of time for delusions of grandeur to come crashing down, for proclamations of being the next Kevin Durant to be refuted by reality and post footwork reminiscent of a DUI sobriety test video.

Until then, I like players who make no apologies for being bad-ass.

There is quiet confidence, and there is effusive confidence. Either works, as long as its genuine, and not manufactured through an ear piece with a management team supplying the polished bullshit.

True confidence, reflective of transferable skill to the highest levels of competition, checks off one box of must-have requirements to be an NBA lottery pick, and your newest Sacramento King.

There is no doubt Steven Adams believes in himself.

Interviewer: Who do you model your game after?

Player: …..Serge Ibaka…Marc Gasol….He’s the man, right? OMG….

Other guys who qualify as credible comparison to the 19 year old Australian with 18 impoverished brothers and sisters to whom he may choose to pattern his game after, and aspire to achieve similar levels of acclaim include :

An increasingly valuable skill in the NBA is finding front court players who can defend away from the hoop, particularly show on the pick and roll, and then rotate back into the paint to defend in the key.

The mission of 6’9" player or taller should he chose to accept: (1) Flash out on the high screen to stop penetration of the guard. Subsequently, react to the path of the ball and opponents movement, and (2) retreat back to the paint to provide credible resistance at the hoop.

That's a lot of ground to cover (20 to 25 feet), a lot of balance, footwork and instincts mandated, a lot of dirty work desire dictated, a lot of winning effort not quantified in a box score.

JT would fall down if he tried to do this. (Then he'd yell at the ref for the dashed line that tripped him.)

Chuck Hayes would pop a vertebrae if he tried to do this.

DeMarcus Cousins could do this, but he was suspended.

Cole Aldrich will try wholeheartedly, but he’d be a step slow and a half second late.

Pattrick Patterson can do the first half of the job, then fail miserably.

Darn, we are running low on options.

No worries, Kings fans, and slayers of attempted thiefs to the north, the Dunker from Down Under will "dominate certain tasks" he is put up to, like KJ in BoG board meeting, like Kate Upton on a swimsuit shoot, like Vivek two seconds from now....

And from now...

And from now...

Steven Adams is 19 years old, a legit 7'0", with a 250 pound chiseled build, with a nice shooting touch. He’s tough and smart. He has athletic ability and defensive instincts. The polish is not there. But the confidence, skill and framework to be a high quality starting NBA center for 10 years exists.

He should be seriously considered wherever the Kings pick.

Rumor has it the Sacramento Kings will soon become the darlings of all India.

Why not throw a shrimp on the barb-y, and take on all of New Zealand while we are at it?


Scouting Video

Interview #1 (Funny)

Interview #2 (New)

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