Post Traumatic Maloof Disorder

There is a lot of talk about the impact of PTSD these days. People are realizing just how serious and pervasive this is and how it affects those that suffer from it. I think that we as Kings fans may suffer from a very similar condition, a condition specific to the Maloofs and their past Maloofing up the Kings.

Some signs that you may have PTMD:

First: Do you find yourself logging onto blogs and newspaper web sites to find out what went wrong with the sale of the team? Waiting to hear that it was Maloofed up? Expecting something to go wrong?

Second: Is it hard to get excited about having Vivek as an owner and a Maloof-free franchise? Do you find yourself, for some ill-defined reason, feeling unexpectedly down about the Kings when you think you should feel more positive?

Third: Do you focus on negatives aspects of the team rebuild, new ownership, and worry about all that can go wrong, rather than being positive about the new future of this franchise?

Fourth: Do you create rationalizations to stay negative about the team? Is it easy to create lists of problems about why the Kings could still be bad in the coming season and convince yourself to not get your hopes up?

Fifth: Is it hard to think of the team in the context of a functional and successful team? Is it hard to think of the team as one that will be in the playoffs soon?

Some of this is just, I think, natural… It is kind of like leaving a bad job or a bad relationship and only being able to realize how bad it was after you are out of it. Also, we don’t have the new ownership and rebuilt franchise in place yet. We won’t know what that will be like for some time. This leaves us in limbo…

But there is a quality to this situation that I didn’t expect. I didn’t expect to read the daily blog and news and still feel concern about the future of this team. I expected to feel jubilant about the Maloofs being gone, but it just doesn’t feel real to me yet.

I didn’t expect to still feel negative about this team for no apparent reason, but I do. I think that dealing with the Maloofs for so long has left deep scars in my fandom. I don’t really know what to do about it.

I think attending the upcoming Cesar Chavez Park rally will help. I desperately need to feel that the team has changed and not just know it analytically. I need to feel it. It has taken a lot of lost games, bad trades, mismanaged seasons, and direct ownership sabotage to get me where I am now. The road back is not going to be easy.

Just announcing new ownership doesn’t provide much to combat the mess of negative emotions that has built up over the past years, but at least it has exposed it. It has made me aware that I suffer from what I term, "Post Traumatic Maloof Disorder." I can now consciously combat this glut of left over negativity.

My realization of this unexplainable and irrational sense of negativity saddens me because I now know that my Kings experience has been a far darker place than I realized. It doesn’t help to say that winning will make it all the brighter. I now understand why some stopped being involved with the Kings.

There is enough pain the world without adding more to it. And this has hurt. Pain leaves scars and I think all of us Kings fans are scarred by what has gone on. I know that echoes of the Maloofs are going to haunt me for some time to come, but I will not let them destroy all that is good in my enjoyment of the Kings.

It is just going to be harder than I expected to recover from what has gone on and get over my PTMD.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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