Why a guy living in Indiana would buy season tickets

What follows is a slightly modified (and clarified) email I sent to my dad on Sunday explaining why a dude without a ton of extra cash and who lives in Indiana (for goodness' sake) is buying into his first ever season tickets. It was a raw stream of consciousness. But, especially to my family members and friends who think money could be spent better elsewhere, here's what I'm thinking. The vast majority of my family is in Sacramento. FWIW. Also, the italics below indicate notes to the StR community.

Hi Dad (and a couple of people in the bcc),
I'm hearing season tickets start at $15 x 43 games. That's $645 a piece. On Tuesday they start taking $200 deposits. You actually go to Arco in June to pick out the seats.

Now let's be clear--what I'm hoping you'll do is help me bankroll this for a GROUP (and to StR readers I'm still assembling this group though we made a deposit today!). You'd be going to as many or as few games as you want. I'm sure mom will see the 43 and freak out thinking you guys will go to--who knows how many she'll think. She'll be wrong by at least a dozen. I'm betting you get to two or three games, frankly.

Still, this isn't an easy thing. I know that. Heck, if it wasn't for the seminary (I'm starting a simple certification program in July--not trying to be a pastor, yet) I could probably do this easily. But the reality is I am starting school and it's not remotely cheap. I am sure my initial conversations with Monica (my wife) will be--uncomfortable. And I'm not sure of their outcome. And I haven't talked to her yet simply because I want as many facts as I can have when I do--how many others want to/can join us? How much are tickets? Etc (yes, I did talk to her first and we found a way to finance this).

Also, something I'm hoping works itself out easily but I'm not sure about is location. I want to do this because I see it as a way to invest in the city (and yes because I love Arco Thunder)--I couldn't care less where the seats are. But I know there are reasons why you'd want seats that may need to be more expensive. I know Chris' friend Kevin is in the cheapest lower bowl seats and they are $5000 for a pair. I can't contribute much (as a percentage) to that.

So maybe this is a non-starter this year. I do know this--ticket prices are SAID to be cheaper until mid-June: same as last year's. Will they raise prices? Maybe. Probably. But not definitely. Also, buying now gives priority to the buyer for the new arena. So there's that.

But as I said, I want to do this because it's an investment in Sacramento. Because Vivek believed in us--whether he believed in us just as a cash cow or not I don't know, it really doesn't matter, he does believe. But read Marcos Breton's piece in the Bee today ( The rhetoric about Sacramento is real, tangible, and I have been swatting at it since 1994 (when I started attending school near Seattle). I think, deep down, buying these tickets to me is a way of saying to an America that only wants to shit on our home town that they are wrong.

I'm realizing that my passion for Sacramento is not unique to people there but it is unique outside of Sac. I think it's because it's a good city that NO ONE EVER gives credit to. We've all had to defend Sac. We all tire of NEVER hearing positive stories about the city nationally. But I've been all over the country now, know people from all over the country and world that have opinions about Sacramento. Not one of them is a) accurate or b) positive. I hear it never rains. It's small (3 of 4 NBA Conference Finals cities are substantially smaller--the remaining, Miami, is only slightly bigger). It's like LA only shittier. It doesn't produce food (what morons think this? Oh-professors!!!). I've never in my travels seen a city so familiar with its weaknesses (by contrast, Lafayette, Indiana--a glorified truck stop-- is the Garden of Eden to those born here) and yet so proud of its community.

We don't think we are LA or SF. What outsiders don't get is we don't WANT to be LA or SF. We are who we are and we are proud of that. Those tickets are a sign of that pride. Those tickets are a way of getting that new arena built and transforming the worst downtown in the top 50 by size permanently. New Arenas and stadiums never live up to the hype because they are redundant. Or they are an unnecessary upgrade. I suspect this is the ONLY top 60 city where neither is true. The potential for this thing may actually be UNDERSTATED. Hell, I'd donate directly to the arena if I could. To me, honestly, it's an investment in a community that needs a shot in the arm.

So, it's not about the Kings. Going to games with my brother, father, wife or daughter is a bonus. It's the free gift with the donation to PBS.

That's what I'm thinking. Not sure my wife will appreciate this. Or if you will. Will be surprised if you read this far. But there it is.


Of course, I do rather like those Kings so the bonus gift is pretty dang cool.


(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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