Look Back In Humor, Part One

It's finally come upon us - the end of the Maloof era. And while there have been posts and comments throughout the Maloof regime that have been noteworthy, many of the most epic comments (at least as rated by the number of recs) have happened in the last four months or so.

Starting in January, most threads had the occasional comment that got recced into double digits. Then 20's started happening, then became frequent. We eventually started seeing comments with 50+ recs. Some of them are hopeful. Some of them are artistic. Some of them are just flat-out obscene. But all of them taken together seem to pull together our emotional track as we went from despair to anger to hopefulness to victory - all in three short months.

After the jump, you'll find Part One of a compendium of the comments that generated 25 or more recs throughout the whole Seattle affair...

*** Beware: Tharr be big images and gifs after the jump!!! ***

We start with the thread in which Burkle and Mastrov were introduced as majority partners of the new ownership group. When someone suggested a problem with the Downtown Mall arena location, thantsblants had a helpful suggestion as to what to do with the railyards...

Believe it or not, that was the first of many 25+ rec comments to occur on this subject.

Of course, many aspects of the Maloofian era could not go unnoticed - like the ever-helpful Eric Rose and his public pronouncements of what the Maloofs will respond to, as pointed out by Jlv2012 in the Right of First Refusal Thread...

Later in that same thread, a SeaTroll came on and expressed his hatred for us making him feel badly because he wants NBA back in Seattle in general, and that we should not direct our hatred toward Seattle or its NBA fans. Well, Otis29 wasn't having any of that, and made some helpful suggestions as to what said SeaTroll should do...

Same thread...Juan Primo got into the game when it was discussed whether or not our local whales would make a move on the Bob Cook 7%...

On a following thread, when it was reported that KJ was meeting with Larry Ellison in order to expand the pod, kromeace levied his opinion on what Ellison should do in this process...

Things settled down for a couple of days until word came down that the NBA would look at the Sacramento bid on the same level as the Seattle bid. Aykis found one quote in the Bee's article that had to be brought to light:

A later thread further described the "holistic approach" that the NBA would take with regard to the question of moving the Kings. This, of course, led Andy Sims to put his own special spin on things...

HeuristicLineup got on the board with his special jersey made just in time for the first Here We Buy night...

As we get further into February and into March, the greenage continues on the board, the venom towards the Maloofs and the Seattle folks only grows, and we as a community really start pulling together toward what we hoped would be a glorious victory.

Look for more in Part Two of this upcoming series...

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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