Look Back In Humor, Part Two

When last we left this series, we had gotten to the point where the first Here We Buy night had come about. In the midst of those discussions, on one of the right of first refusal threads, we had another example of something very frequent - a fan of another existing NBA team coming in and letting us know he's on our side...

Things remained fairly quiet on the mega-rec front until the middle of February, when Ziller wrote his post on why he would not begrudge Seattle if they were to steal the Kings away. MtMoore55 decided that a bit of artwork on a famous roadside icon in South Sacramento was in order...

Later in that thread, pookey had something to get off of his chest...

...and while it didn't quite get up to the 25-rec bar, 214's response to that post deserved some note as well...

We go forward to the thread regarding KJ's State of the City address, in which folks gave their opinions as to who may be involved as our first pod of whales. TTown Kings got one of the first mega-recs on this stream with a little bit of GIF Mastery, courtesy of a poster (TheSixthRing) at the 49ers Webzone...

This one also was used by boogiereke in a later thread, with a significantly higher rec score...

In the thread where KJ formally announced the counteroffer and the introduction of Mark Mastrov and Ron Burkle as the initial whales, some of our helpful Seattle brethren provided their "expert" assistance...

IChristmas then replied, giving us his explanation of the Seattle view of things...

Later in that thread, mtmoore55 got back on the board with this photo of the Crown Downtown crew at the NBA HQ in New York...

Aw, shit...another pookey rant...

One of the Seattle Internet Attorneys got into the game, and W2W had something to say to that...

TTownKings tried to break the thread with an enormous picture, but said picture was worth it according to the rec counter...

Well, folks, that's it for this installment. Considering today's news that the NBA Board of Governors has officially approved the sale of the Kings to Team Vivek, the above image seems an appropriate stopping place.

As we go forward into the month of March, we see changes in the Whale Pod, additions to the SBN network, and all sorts of fireworks flying back and forth between Sacramento and Seattle - so much so that there may well be 25+ rec comments that may have gotten the axe. But rest assured, there's still plenty to see in the next upcoming installment of Look Back In Humor.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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