Tweet Bromance (And Logic) on the Rocks

I’ve always attempted to be responsible with my tweets and posts. Our cause to keep the Kings in town, and thus build a magnanimous symbol that will bring pride to this city, deserves just that. This cause is bigger than me or any one individual. With I that I obey the sanctity of our mission with an obedience to logic.

Last night, I realized that same reverence isn’t always shared by those whom we follow on Twitter. We’ve heard the claims of trolling from both side of the Seattle-Sacramento saga, but never had I seen an argument decay so rapidly into illogical rhetoric as on the timeline of Carmichael Dave, Marcos Breton, and Jim Kozimor around 9 PM. It doesn’t matter who was in the right or in the wrong, how it began, or why it blew up to the levels it had— I saw giants of this community’s media fall to Earth.

It was pathetic.

The fact is that we do look up to these men. We look at them as elites that help us form our social views. Usually, save Breton, they only dabble in the realm of sport, but now as sports have blurred into politics they become even more important to our democratic process. It is with this new precedent that their level of responsibility rises to where they should understand that they are role models to those who follow them.

With that role, logic must be adhered to and passion should be placed in check. These standards are what people live up to if properly displayed by those whom they respect. For example, if a parent doesn’t want their kids to cuss, then a rational parent doesn’t cuss in front of their kids. Twitter is no different.

In this new media we are all essentially newcomers. Some people have more followers because of their fame outside of twitter, and in that they hold a burden greater than the average person. But at the same time, we as common folk in the Twitterverse should understand this same responsibility. Instead of falling victim to the lowest common denominator of debate we should strive to answer opponents, without fallacy, with claim and structure sound.

It is in these attempts to achieve a higher level of discussion that we move closer to truth. It is in these aims that we do not lose sight of what is important. It is in these forms that we become a greater society.

That did not occur last night. What did occur was a lesson to followers that petty differences, raw emotion, and past slights are a proper part of the forum we call Twitter. But if that is true, then maybe Seattle is right about Sacramento’s tendency to troll, because it has been modeled to us by our elites.

I hope that’s not the case and in that hope wish to remind us all, famous or otherwise, the importance of rising above in our argumentation.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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