Monday Mail Sac/Pick & Droll: StR origins, DeMarcus Cousins, favorite all-time player and more

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-US PRESSWIRE

Cleaning out the old weekend mail sac.

From Andrew: "All right y'all, I'm tired of seeing the ‘Debbie-Downer' video on YouTube where we have to see Grant and Jerry get choked up before the video montage that was supposed to be our last pops up on screen. I LOVED the new montage from the end of this season set to Linkin Park's ‘Iridescent'; where can we find it online? Let's start promoting this video, it was awesome."

I called on our in-house media expert for this one. Kfipp: "Just checked into it. They couldn't put it online because of the music royalties." Hmmm. Not much that I can do about the 15 Linkin Park CDs that are already on my iPod, but it could be a very, very, very long time before I buy #16.

From LaBradford: "What is the origin of Sactown Royalty? How did it get started? Who's the brains and who's the muscle? (I joined in 2008, so I only know the gist of it, about Tom Ziller. But he's like some mystery guy who we don't hear from as much anymore.) Also, what are Ziller Bucks? What is the foreign exchange rate for them? What is the significance of Ziller's cat?"

Let's go straight to the Zillerbot3000 to answer this onslaught of questions: "Origin story! No super soldier serum or alien planet here. In 2005, team-based sports blogs were becoming more common. But there wasn't one dedicated to the Kings. I followed Waiting for Boof, Grant Brisbee's original blog. He got scooped up by SB Nation -- that was my introduction to the company. I commented on the Bleacher Mob forum for a while before starting (wait for it) Pick and Droll, a Kings blog, at the end of the 2004-05 season. For some reason I switched the name to Sac Kings Blog right before the 2005 draft. Then I convinced Tyler Bleszinski and Matt from Blog-a-Bull to add me to the team, and Sactown Royalty was born in October 2005.

Carl and pookey are the only commenters from the pre-StR days, as far as I can tell.

Ziller Bucks were on an obvious knockoff of Schrute Bucks from The Office. I forget who introduced the concept. They carry no cash value because someone flooded the market with counterfeits.

The greatest moment in StR history remains when Muff wore a Peaches T-shirt to a game, was captured in the Jack Daniels Image of the Game and was commended by a giddy Jerry Reynolds. Mr. Napear sent us a C&D late that night. We raised $1,000 for the SPCA without the shirts anyways. A great moment in this community's formation."

And from icemanjl: "Long time kings fan from the Philippines. Thank goodness for the turnaround the last few months. It came to a point where I hesitated buying Nike hyperfuse shoes in Sactown colorway. Now I'm just glad I did!

Anyway, my question is about collections. I have a decent collection of kings memorabilia (including a bjax/hello kitty coffee mug and a kings matroshka from Europe. Does STR have some sort trading post where members can buy, sell, or swap kings items esp. those out of production? Shipping charges are a killer here as well so if that's part of the deal wow!"

We don't have anything tied to StR, icemanjl, but I'll post your question in case any of our members are interested in trading with you directly.

And a Pick & Droll question from my own fertile mind:

I have offered the opinion that DeMarcus Cousins may need to be traded once or twice (or three times) before he finally finds his way in the NBA, a la Zach Randolph. Does the change in ownership/management count as a "trade" for Cousins?

My hopeful side would like to answer this "Hell yes!" My practical side that understands that Cousins picked up his 17th technical foul of the season less than two calendar months ago would answer this "Huh? What?"

Remember when I was 10% optimistic but 100% hopeful that the Kings would be staying in Sacramento? I moved to 50% optimism the night of Mayor Johnson's State of the City Address. I increased to 75% when the relocation committee denied Seattle. I went to 90% when the sale to Seattle was denied and the Sacramento group was moved into the lead position. I reserved 100% until there were Maloof signatures on the Sacramento sales agreement. Well, that's kind of where I am with big Cuz. I was probably 1% optimistic that Cousins would figure himself out while wearing a Kings uniform prior to the sale of the Kings. Ranadivé seems to be a guy that would value professionalism, but he is also on record as saying that he welcomes those that are harder to deal with in his employ as long as they can deliver the results. And new coach Michael Malone seems enthusiastic over the prospect of working with Cousins, which is certainly not a surprise. So I think that I'm somewhere between 10% - 25% optimistic on Cousins right now, and still 100% hopeful. I simply can't forget about his shenanigans over the past three years (or even the past three months). I need to see him sustain a level of professionalism for an extended period of time before I can commit any additional confidence in him. I need to see him not have a public dust-up with his head coach. But...

The change in ownership/management/coaching is the best thing that could have happened here with Cousins staying in a Kings uniform. He has a clean slate. The question is, will he take advantage of it, or will he fall back into the same bad habits? My gut tells me that he didn't endear himself to his teammates, but he didn't burn any bridges, either. If he comes in and is committed to keeping himself in uniform and on the floor, and if he is focused on quality over quantity when it comes to the shots that he takes, and if he buys into Malone's focus on defense, DeMarcus Cousins could potentially become a very special player. When the 2012-13 season came to a close, Cousins was a long ways away from being that special player. It will be interesting to see how far he has or has not come along by the opening of the 2013-14 season.

Last but not least, who is your favorite NBA player of all time (not the best, but your favorite)?

For me, it's Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. He was really my true introduction to being a serious NBA fan. I started following Lew Alcindor at UCLA (cried my eyes out when Elvin Hayes and the evil University of Houston beat the Bruins...I was 9 at the time), and when he hit the NBA, my fandom followed his flight path. I was a big fan of the Milwaukee Bucks that were comprised of Abdul-Jabbar, Bobby Dandridge, Lucius Allen, and Oscar Robertson, among others. When Abdul-Jabbar was traded to the Lakers, I became a Lakers fan, and the "Showtime Lakers of Abdul-Jabbar and Magic Johnson are my favorite all-time non-Kings basketball team. Michael Jordan is the greatest that I've ever seen, but Abdul-Jabbar is my favorite.


Remember, send your questions or topic ideas to And feel free to jack the thread with anything that's on your mind.

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