Tuesday Mail Sac/Pick & Droll: GM's, NBA retro, uniforms, next season's 1st prediction, and movies!

Signed by New England, no longer a GM candidate. - Jim Rogash

Larry Bird is a hick tease...

Let's go to the International mail slot and the one and only Ricky flip: UK Kings fan Rickyflip here. "I am completely lost and confused as to who is still in the race and who isn't for the GM job. Can we get a definitive (for now) list that gets updated with each new twist and turn?"

Well Ricky, I write these the night before, so by the time this hits the wire it's anyone's guess. But here is what we have so far...

Chris Wallace (most recently of Memphis) has interviewed for the job, twice if I am not mistaken. Wallace is not a beloved choice of all here, based on some of his trade and draft misses, coupled with the fact that he's not the analytical stats guy that a lot of StR members crave. I like Wallace because even though he's had some misses, he's also had some big hits. He's a bit of a chucker, but he's not afraid of taking the big shot. If the Kings go with Wallace, I'd like to see him go out and hire a right hand man that is savvy in the world of advanced statistical analysis. I think that the combination of Wallace's feel and experience and stats analysis could be a winning formula.

Golden State GM assistant Travis Schlenk has also interviewed for the job. A lot of folks (me included) like the potential synergy that a Schlenk/Malone partnership could generate, and he has been involved in the resurgence of the Warriors. What may be working against Schlenk is Ranadivé's potential unwillingness to pillage the Warriors any further than he already has.

Mike Dunleavy also reported to have interviewed for the job. He was probably the site's least favorite option until...

Kenny Smith's name was dropped. Smith has no front office experience, and it is thought that if he is involved, it will not be as the General Manager. I think that this is just due diligence on Vivek's part - I can't believe that Smith (or Chris Webber) is a serious candidate.

Last but not least, Pete D'Alessandro (an assistant GM in Denver) has finally been granted permission by the Nuggets to talk with the Kings. It was thought that D'Alessandro might be the new GM in Denver after Masai Uriji departed for Toronto, but I've stopped trying to figure out what Nuggets owner Stan Kroenke is thinking, having parted with both his Executive of the Year and Coach of the Year in the same week. My Spidey sense tells me that most of the members here would prefer D'Allesandro over Wallace, and especially over Dunleavy and/or Smith and/or Webber.

Larry Bird was a long shot, and he reportedly removed himself from consideration on Monday.

I'm very pleased that Ranadivé is being so meticulous in selecting a GM, and my bet is that he is also educating himself quite a bit on basic GM mindset as he meets with all of these guys. As it appears that Michael Malone will be a major force in determining who the Kings will select with their draft pick (with input provided by Geoff Petrie), I'm fine with the process taking a little longer. However, the draft is only a little more than 16 days away. I sure would like to see the new GM in place within the next six days, so that he and the franchise could go into the draft with maximum nimbleness and agility.

From Frankles: "I was hoping to get some perspective from the more seasoned basketball watchers of StR regarding the state of NBA basketball today in comparison to the 70's, 80's, 90's, and the aughts. Why do you think the average score per game so much higher in the mid-eighties than it is today? Which decade was the most entertaining to watch? Why? If there was a single elimination tournament in which every team to win a championship in the last 33 years was entered (so one Jordan Bulls team could hypothetically play another Jordan Bulls team), who would win that tournament?"

I'll defer most of this to the thread. Love the tourney idea, and it should lead to some mayhem great conversation.

I think that scoring was higher in the 80's primarily because defenses were far less sophisticated. Zone defense was not allowed back then, and as a result it was a lot more difficult to double players. For example, the great Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's sky hook rarely met weak side resistance. Dr. J didn't find a double team until he was virtually at the rim. It's interesting that scores were higher during a time where the 3-point shot either didn't exist or was in its absolute infancy. Also (and this is going to sound a little strange), the 10 players on the floor back then were not as big, quick or strong as they are today. Now, I'm not saying that a guy like Abdul-Jabbar wasn't big, or that Maurice Lucas wasn't strong. But overall, the sum of the players were just a bit smaller and slower than you find in today's game. The result is that the floor has sort of shrunk, for loss of a better term. It's more difficult to find space in today's game. Anyway, that's my story and I'm sticking with it.

There have been a lot of Fanposts and Fanshots regarding the team's uniforms, but Neil figured why not bring the conversation to the front page: "Do you think that the Sacramento Kings will get super cool new uniforms and logo design? I love our old school Chris Webber era Sacramento Kings Logo that we used to have on our purple and black uniforms, and on the court as well. This new sheik "SK" thing and weird Sacramento/Kings font on our jerseys and basketball court is cringeworthy. There's no love in the design at all!"

I'll leave the design ideas to our more creative members, but I would be shocked if new ownership did not change the uniform and logo schemes. Marketing is marketing, and money is money (and I don't mean that as a bad thing - I'm for this franchise generating revenue anyway that it possibly can). Conventional wisdom would tell you that the uniform/logo re-launch would coincide with the new arena opening, but I can't help but think that the Ranadivé group might determine to strike while iron is hot and come up with something for their inaugural season. It will be another 3-4 years before the new arena opens, so they could do a re-re-launch at that time.


And now onto Pick & Droll, and another asked and answered section214 question: Last year I predicted this team to finish 33-49, and I missed by 5 games, which is roughly an 18% swing and a miss. Do I see this team achieving 33-49 this year? More? Less? And how far away are we from competing for an NBA championship?

I'm going to preface this by saying that we don't make a big splash in free agency this year. And yes, this is way too early to be predicting win-loss records for next year, but the fact that this team is still here to make butt-pulled prognostications over is all the reason that I need.

Boy, I'd like to go large and say 36-46 for this year, based solely on Michael Malone's insistence that players play defense. That would have placed us 11th in the Western Conference this year and 12th in the lottery. My biggest hope is that we see a clear system and rotation, and that we see players actually fully buy in and commit to the vision of the team. That would represent a quantum leap forward.

Things can change quickly in the NBA, but right now we are light years away from being an upper level team. Look at either NBA finalist. Each team has three players (three players!) that are better than our best player (regardless of whether you give Evans or Cousins that distinction). Now I'm not saying that I would trade Cousins or Evans for 60 year old Manu Ginobli, but today, in the here and the now, Ginobli is the better NBA player. Potential doesn't get you to the NBA finals, production does. And right now James, Wade, Bosh and Duncan, Parker, Ginobli are substantially better than anyone wearing a Kings uniform. Cousins and Evans are perhaps on a par with Kawhi Leonard and Tiago Splitter. That's a long ways away from being a force in the playoffs.

Of course, hope springs eternal for Kings fans, and if this is the year that Cousins and Evans realize their potential (and do so while wearing Kings purple), it will certainly make for some exciting times. But when you look at how this team has performed for the past three years with Cousins and Evans as the team's best players, you understand why I'm not overly concerned that the Kings 2013 draft pick's skill set meshes with the talent that is already on hand. It is not impossible to envision this entire roster turning over in the next two years.

Random topic: Memorable movie experience. Not necessarily the best movie that you've ever seen, but memorable experiences that stick with you to this day.

I have a trio:

Took a date to see Silence of the Lambs at the Tower Theatre. It scared the crap out of her and I so enjoyed her terror grabs that the movie was a second thought to me. (A couple of years later it was on HBO and I watched it alone at home...I had every light on in the house and triple-checked all of the locks by the time it was over.)

Took my younger sister to see Foul Play. Not a scary movie by any stretch, but there is a scene where the albino bad guy's face comes through the door, and at the instant that it happened I grabbed my sister on the leg. She let out a blood-curdling scream, and then the entire theatre screamed. Epic.

Went and saw Pee-Wee's Big Adventure while high. "Do you have any dreams, Pee Wee?" "Yeah, I'm all alone. I'm rolling a big doughnut and a snake wearing a vest..." Never laughed so hard at something so stupid in my life. And Large Marge freaked me out.


Email your questions and/or topic ideas to asksactownroyalty@gmail.com. And jack, jack, jack the thread away.

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