Can Tyreke Evans Still Be a Point Guard?

Is Tyreke a SG? Or should he be back at the point? I see a lot of mixed comments about this. The rest of the Kings' roster is an obvious factor here, including who they draft. I, for one, would like to see him run the point once again. Hopefully this time it'd be run in an offense that calls actual plays and has a system and doesn't just stand around waiting for him to do something. There are a lot of different factors into making this decision, including his RFA status, but let's assume that he is resigning here and take a look at a few other things that may factor into this decision.

1: Isaiah Thomas

Do you think Isaiah is the best point guard on the team and should be starting? Or is he better suited to come off the bench? I think he should be coming off of the bench much like Bobby Jackson used to. He could still get crunch time minutes in this role, depending on the situation.

2: The Draft

While whoever the Kings draft may not be a starter on this team right away, I still think they will have an idea of how they want their back court to look before making their pick. If Trey Burke is available at 7 and the Kings think he will be the best NBA player that they can pick, then they should pick him and make it work. Put Tyreke back SG, if he's at point then there would be a log jam. Other potential picks like Len, Adams, Bennett, or Muhammed wouldn't play a factor. The other potential guards available like McCollum, Schroeder, MCW and Caldwell-Pope could factor in though. With Tyreke, Thornton, Jimmer (and should be Salmons since he's not a SF) already at SG, would it make sense to move Tyreke back to the point if another SG is drafted? Do you trade Thornton? (Good luck finding a suitor.) Side note: I'm not opposed to trading down and trying to land a mid to late first round and a SF or a couple of mid to late first round picks. I don't really see any realistic trades for a SF happening though. Maybe if Atlanta is in love with someone available at 7 they'd swap their 17th and 18th to move up. Not sure if they would do that though.

3. The Offense

Most importantly, what type of offense does Coach Malone envision here? If he wants an offense we've seen the last few years that mainly stands around or plays one on one, then I don't want Tyreke at PG. He'll try to do too much, as we've seen before. (Yes, I know. Who in their right mind actually wants that type of offense? That part was a joke.) In all seriousness though, in an offense that teaches off the ball movement, setting screens, pick and rolls, back door cuts, and pretty much anything besides one on one plays, I still think Tyreke can succeed and can be the best option at point guard for this team, with Isaiah being a spark plug off of the bench.

If this were to happen with the roster the way it is, then who starts at SG if Tyreke is moved? Thornton? No thanks. He's another scorer off the bench type. Plus the rumor is that Coach Malone likes defense. Jimmer? Same thing. Salmons? Maybe. At least he's a better defender, but him and Tyreke in the same back court equals no shooting. This roster is a mess. I'm just dreaming of Tyreke playing point with a good 2 way player (that we don't yet have) at SG next to him in the back court. I want that. What do you think?

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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