Friday Mail Sac/Pick & Droll: George Karl, Grant & Jerry, the NHL, pre-Kings NBA love, and more draft musings

"Wow...that felt a lot like a knife, Stan." - USA TODAY Sports


Mail Sac Friday leads off with Jan: "Hi everybody, I'm a longtime fan of the Sacramento Kings from the Auburn area. We all know George Karl has a great track record in Denver and was coach of the year. Taking his age into account and his years of experience in the NBA, who better to oversee a team with a first time coach and first time owner than someone who's been there? If he was offered a GM role would he be interested? What do you all think?"

I have a tremendous amount of respect and admiration for Karl, but unless I am mistaken, I don't believe that he has any front office experience. And I sure would like to see our GM to have that experience, as well as at least some history of dealing with other teams and (especially) player agents. I wouldn't want Phil Jackson for the GM job, or Rick Adelman. I want someone that knows their way around the front office.

From one of my favorite members - Dub_TC: "So since Vivek took over, I've seen random comments from posters saying that Grant Napear needs to be let go. I personally think he's a good play by play guy, but others don't agree. My question is.... say the new ownership group decides to let Grant and Jerry go ... who would YOU want to replace them?"

Well, I'm one of those folks that like Grant and Jerry as a telecast tandem, so I have not given this much thought. My issue with Grant has always been that as an employee of Maloof Sports & Entertainment, he should not have had the radio show on 1140. There was just no way for him to come off as anything other than an employee stooge and apologist for ownership. I solved the issue for myself by turning off his radio show. Brilliant!

But if I had to replace Grant and Jerry, I'd opt for Jason Ross for play by play, and would try to land Scot Pollard for color commentary. I think that Ross would do a nice job of calling the action, while Pollard would be a hoot. It would be kind of the bizarro broadcast, as blustery Grant would be replaced by the easygoing Ross, and the homespun Reynolds would be replaced with the certifiable Pollard. All of that said, the TV broadcast team is probably the last thing that needs attention, if it needs attention at all.

And Nizzyo checks in from Modesto: "I would like to see a discussion regarding an NHL team to Sacramento. Curious as to what other Sactown Royalty members would have to say about this!"

I would have loved the NHL as an alternative to the NBA had the Kings left, but I would be concerned about Sacramento's ability to support two teams that have overlapping seasons. I think that the NHL would flourish here as the only game in town, but would be challenged as the city's second sport. But man, when you watch a game like last night's epic Stanley Cup game 1, it sure makes you wish that the NHL was local.


Pick & Droll topic courtesy of LaBradford: If the Kings never came to Sacramento, what team would you be a fan of?

The arrival of the Kings saved my soul. I was a Kareem/Magic Lakers fan prior to the arrival of the Kings. Even the thought of me rooting for Shaq and Kobe and Phil and the gang fires a cold shiver up and down my spine. Thank you, Gregg Lukenbill. Thank you!!!

Pick & Droll Bonus: Name the player that has you continually manipulating the draft in your mind until he falls to the Kings, and which player you pray is off the board before the Kings pick.

Victor Oladipo (no chance, but that doesn't stop me from trying), Anthony Bennett.


Send your questions and topic suggestions to Jack the hell out of the thread (let your conscience be your guide), and above all, have a great weekend!

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