Chris Hansen P.S.

Nice try, SEA.

No chance, SR.


Viva Vivek.

Pound 'em Petey.

The dude miscalculated and blundered, but is not so evil after all.

Per interview with KJR radio a few weeks ago, we learned the following about Chris Hansen and Seattle's failed bid to steal our team.

He's still out his $30 million deposit but hopes to get it back.

Good luck.

He holds no animosity or anger towards David Stern and says the fans of Seattle need to "get over it".

Love this.

Assumed, stupidly, that the Kings were destined to leave Sacramento before making bid. And that resistance to a move from SAC would be slight to non-existent.

With foresight like this, I will not be opening a brokerage account with his hedge fund. With even the slightest amount of due diligence, he would have been able to forecast serious resistance.

Claims if he had known SAC was willing to put up a fight as we did, he never would have entered in the agreement in the first place (paraphrasing). Does not want reputation as a poacher.

Well, you earned it, Chris. But he claims he learned lesson to make future pursuit of NBA team contingent on clear signs of availability.

Has no intention to file legal action. Never sued anyone. Finds it waste of time and energy.

Kudos for this, though I argued all along there was no recourse for lawsuit against NBA.

The NBA never guided him to increase their bid.

I think we sort of knew this too, but its interesting that he expected this maverick approach to be effective. More miscalculation, i.e. stupidity, when he could have called Stern and sought out guidance as to status, chances and viable strategy.


The post script to all of this is that there was a point in this saga where Chris Hansen could have chosen to go all in or bow out gracefully. This was around the time SAC matched the offer. It was easy to say at the time he should withdraw his offer, instead he chose to up $75 million.

When Hansen was between a rock and a hard place, having spent time and effort and millions and facing mounting odds against success, courtesy KJ, he acted in complete contradiction to his purported values.

He willfully attempted to steal a team from a viable market with a viable arena plan with viable ownership group.

Tsk tsk, Chris.

Kenny Rogers once said "You got to know when to hold em, know when to fold em, know when to walk away, know when to run...."

Hansen apparently is not a fan of country music.

Still, after all is said and done, and 7-0, and 22-8, I don't think Hansen is quite as bad as we made him out to be.

He was a guy trying to do right by a city, looked to seize an opportunity, misread the pertinent indicators, and got caught up in a frenzy.

Hansen took up the mantle of potential hero for a collection of angry and scorned Seattle hoop fans. He wanted to deliver on the role he ambitiously assumed.

His imminent failure was easily forecast once KJ set the wheels of LLTK in motion. Hansen didn't see it. Or didn't want to see it.

Still, his disdain for legal recourse, his admission of personal lesson learned, and his effective message to Seattle fans to get over your petty, bitter grudge towards the NBA and Stern is a respectable stance.

Is Hansen a douche?

Maybe, but not the super douche we made him out to be.

Interview Link

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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