Tuesday Mail Sac/Pick & Droll: P-Pat, C-Mull, J-Tron & G-IF


Hey, Keith Smart's stealing the mail!

Another good question from polotown: "I've been musing about potential, since the NBA tends to focus on what players might become, instead of what they are. With that in mind, why couldn't Patrick Patterson become our SF? When I look at his combine numbers, his lane agility and speed rivaled successful point guards. This year, he shot 44% from the 3 for the Kings (SSS, I know). So, why not?"

This is an interesting question. Certainly Patterson does have some foot speed and agility that is above average for power forwards and on a par with many smaller players. Combine numbers notwithstanding, I just don't see Patterson as being quick enough to cover a lot of NBA wings. Now, just because P-Pat would have trouble with Kevin Durant or LeBron James wouldn't eliminate him - who doesn't have trouble with Durant and James? But it sure seems to me that Patterson would have more trouble sticking to Kawhi Leonard than Leonard would have sticking to Patterson. And the same holds true for Paul Pierce, Paul George, Nic Batum, Rudy Gay, Chandler Parsons, Luol Deng, Harrison Barnes, and so on. Patterson is a stretch four, which is becoming a more and more important designation in today's NBA. But I just don't see him as a wing that would be especially effective in offensive transition, and would be hard pressed to cover many small forwards on defense.

From GoKings916: "Why would Vivek decide to offer Chris Mullin a consultant position with the Kings? Taking a look at his track record and the number of bad contracts/draft picks he made during his tenure with the Warriors has me shaking my head. You'd figure a consultant is someone who has had a great deal of success in the front office (like Jerry West). Ziller mentioned that Mullin could be helpful due to his vast relationships around the league, but aside from that, is there something I'm missing here?"

Chris Mullin has been around the block. He is a hall of famer, a front office veteran, and a guy that is well known among other organizations, players, and agents. As a consultant, he is at least a notch below Jerry West, but who isn't? "Like Jerry West" is a lot easier said than done. Phil Jackson doesn't want that sort of job. Larry Bird reportedly wanted a stake in the team. It is important to remember that we are talking about a consultant position here, and not responsibility that would make Mullin the trigger man on any deals.

The addition of Mullin provides Pete D'Alessandro with a valuable resource when it comes gaining perspective and input, as well as being there to help grease the relationship wheels a bit to help get deals done. Given that this is D'Alessandro's first gig in the GM chair, I like the fact that Ranadivé sees the benefit in giving him a consultant, and I like the fact that it's not someone lacking in front office experience. This is a solid hire, with not a lot of downside, and there aren't a lot of these guys around. I'd put Steve Kerr in Mullin's range, but not guys like Chris Webber and Charles Barkley, for example. This franchise is better off with Mullin than without him.

And from 2001nbachampions: "The jazz just got a new jumbotron costing $15 million. Do you see us having renovations of this sort this offseason for the upcoming season, or are we going to keep the arena "as is" until the new downtown arena is built?"

I think that you will see working toilets at Sleep Train Center, and enough sponsors that we won't be placing duct-taped-garbage-bags on the scoreboard. Those in themselves will be substantial improvements over what we had last year. But I don't see the organization going overboard when it comes to spending money on the current arena. I can sure see them improving the fan experience by enhancing the Wi-Fi a bit more, going back to handing out real game programs, and beta testing a lot of the fan connectivity things that they will be using at the new arena - direct texts to season ticket holders upon their arrival (triggered by their ticket being scanned), "blue light specials" at the concession stand and team store, opportunities to provide direct feedback, etc. New ownership will want to use the next three seasons at Sleep Train to build momentum for the Downtown Plaza. It will be less about spending $15m on a scoreboard and more about creating an overall emotional environment and mindset that will propel the Kings into their new digs.


Pick & Droll comes courtesy of drock1331: "We've had a lot of entertaining GIF's over the years - hell, we devote entire threads to it when we win. My question is, what are your favorite GIF's - both Kings and non-Kings related? The two that stick out in my mind (which are quite recent) are: the KJ/Whales Deal With It, and of course Fappy Duck."

This would have been a much easier question a few years ago. Back then, it was pretty much what someone could locate on the internet and link into the thread. My personal favorite of my own finding was in response to andysims, who snarked at a Fanpost by commenting "The Algonquin Round Table this ain't." I replied "Nope, no Algonquin Round Table...but there's a Tomato Head Pizza Kitchen in Wilmette." And with it I attached a yellow page ad for the Wilmette Tomato Head Pizza Kitchen, complete with a Labrador that had a tomato perched on its head. It was one of my earlier comments to go green, and I am saddened that I can no longer access that photo.

Over the past couple of seasons, the explosion of artists around here has been astounding. I credit/blame Aykis16 for this, courtesy his epic "Carl Landry: World Traveler" post. And since then, the original material has been absolutely incredible. I don't think that I can pick a favorite, but this one is tough to top (I can't recall the author so hopefully they tip their hat in the thread):


Share your favorites in the thread. Collect the whole set!


Remember to send your questions and topic ideas to asksactownroyalty@gmail.com. And feel free to jack, jack, jack the thread away.

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