Petrie's Final (?) Remarks on Kings Tenure

Interview Link: Petrie Interview on CBS 10

Some interesting stuff here, although it is important to note that Geoff has always been a wordsmith and understands perception management. A few comments:

  • Geoff was significantly let down by Maloofs during and after the Adelman firing, and it appeared he is still somewhat miffed about their lack of confidence in him to transition the team under Adelman's watch when the team was still semi-competitive after the CWebb and Peja trades.
  • He looked like a new person in this interview, the most animated I have seen him in perhaps 6 or 7 years. Whether that speaks to his own personal fatigue or the wear-and-tear of dealing with the Maloofs and their garbage logic can be your own personal call, but it does appear he was at ease with this.
  • In the interview close out, Large reports that Petrie actually attempted to put in his resignation at least once in the aftermath of the reported sale to Seattle. It appears, at least from my interpretation, that he was going to check out no matter what happened or who was brought in as owners.
  • Petrie shares glowing remarks on the effort to keep the Kings, and calls what KJ and company did "...the best fourth quarter comeback he has ever seen". Nice words from a man just let go after 19 years or so with the company.
  • It appears he and his wife were preparing to go to a rodeo, if the attire he is sporting is any hint.

In the final evaluation, I respect what Petrie did here in what had been an otherwise aimless front office environment for a franchise that had not sniffed at sustained success any time before his arrival. With all truth, the transformation he presided over between 1997-98 until 2003 or so has to be one of the most unbelievable and rapid improvements and facelifts any team (and, for that matter, market) has ever undergone. It was what happened after, really, Musselman or during that time that made me lose some confidence and belief in him. The whole flirtation with Whisenant can now be interpreted as the Maloofs' threat to Petrie following what must have been his own anger and insubordination after they let his closest peer and friend go following stratospheric heights. I appreciate the guy's commitment, and I really do believe he stuck it out the past 3 years running on nothing but pure guile and, perhaps, fear of what those idiots would do without him. For all his failings, Petrie was a quintessential basketball guy that helped add stability in a time we crucially needed it. But the league changed, both in the evolution of analytics and the thought calculus behind small market competitive models (in truth, somewhat initiated by Petrie himself), and we need to evolve with it or risk being trampled underfoot.

Thanks Geoff, best of luck, and now onwards and upwards under the new regime and roll on Petey D...

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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