Look Back In Humor, Part Three

So here we go into the month of March. Things are getting tense around here. Our Friends Up North are getting cockier by the day. Terms like "vetted" and "binding" are flying around the Interwebz like it's nobody's business. We have ups, we have downs. We have Burkle, then we don't any more. Meanwhile, back at the StR ranch, commenters are still tossing out little nuggets of gold.

We start for this month in the thread where the Commish tells us that the initial Mastrov bid was insufficient, but that there was time to make things up. Furthermore, it was apparent that the Maloofs had put some fail-safes into their bidding process that would prevent locals from trying to get any foot in the door to this process. Prowse was quite grumpy with the Maloofs, and he expressed it thusly...

...while Dub_TC showed us all exactly who was in charge of this process...

As things go along in the Month of March, we get to the thread where we find that the NBA is participating in the arena process for Sacramento, and then this happened...

Fortunately, Omikron and C-Dave were able to bury the hatchet - and not in each other's foreheads, and not without some more fireworks down the road.

Later on, same thread: A SeaTroll named Chom Tambers decided to educate us cowtwon hicks on the way things work in the Big City, and pookey went on a point-by-point destruction of him that is marvelous to behold...

As we go through the process, a name from the past keeps coming up, that being John Kehriotis. And so, when Kehriotis let it be known (through his mouthpiece at KTXL-TV, Jim Crandell) that he'd be interested in putting up a bid for the Kings, ASSN had all sorts of 'meh' for him...

So now we get to the first of many mentions of SonicsRising by the StR editors and authors. In this thread, Ziller actually goes out of his way to praise SR's Dear Leader, but takes issue with one of the SR authors taking a "scorecard" approach to how the NBA will approach the Seattle-versus-Sacramento question. When Omikron expressed some pessimism on how things are going, Carmichael Dave unleashed his inner Colonel Nathan Jessup, and it was magnificent, if a bit misguided...

Fortunately, Omikron and C-Dave were indeed able to make peace, and all was right with the world while we concentrated on our true enemy - talking ourselves into a ginormous circle that leaves everyone exhausted and unfulfilled. Or as 214 put it...

It's probably that little dustup that got Ziller to write a piece on the proper place for optimism and pessimism in this very complicated process. Adamsite got into the mix with the following:

And then there was...Vivek. Not much went out in the way of epic commentary on Vivek's entry until somebody asked why there had been no "FTM" in the commentary string, and polotown provided the answer...

In a later thread in which we get to know more about Vivek, the junkie looks 40 years (instead of two seconds) into the future...

Of course, somebody had to ask Eric Rose about it, right?

Look out, folks - it's a CowboyRon sighting on the ESPN boards!...

But all of the above has been just a warmup to one of the most outstanding pieces of shop-fu that StR has ever seen, courtesy of soysauce...

On that note of awesomeness, we close Part Three. Upcoming in Part Four, we add some new whales to the pod, we see the national media beginning to turn their attention back toward Sacramento and away from Seattle, and as always more fireworks between the fans of the two cities.

Until next time...

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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