Chad Ford Brings It

Game 7 is infinitely more compelling than the 2013 NBA Draft....and infinitely more easy to forecast.

LeBron is the Man. The Spurs are the better overall team. Game 7 usually goes to the home team.

Winner: The viewing audience. Also, the Heat.

This draft is not only less fascinating than the last game of the NBA season, though still interesting, it is also a pain in my ass because three players likely to be picked ahead of pick #7 cannot work out (Len, Noel, Bennett).

Its tough to forecast order without access to players and coaches post team workout as to sentiment and possible prospects, revealed through tone and body language as much as words.

Chad Ford to the rescue?

Not someone I particularly respect, because he lacks discretion, keen judgement, insight and throws too much bull s*ht against the wall and hopes a percentage of it will stick.

And T-Rob was not a legitimate 6'10".

I'd also like to know who his sources are in SAC since the entire front office got replaced. Based on how astute he has been, I'd venture to guess he trades texts with the Slamson or the pizza guy.

No, not Isaiah Thomas. An actual pizza guy.

Anyways, Chad Ford claims a survey of his sources reveal there are no Tier 1 or Tier 2 guys. I am on board with this, because if we are going to acknowledge none of these names at the top of the draft are projected all-stars or even solid starters on a winning team, then taking a flyer on Otto and Bennett as a Top 5 pick seems a little more justified.

The star quality just isn't there. But the potential to over-deliver on expectations is. The best player in this draft could turn out be the 7th guy taken.

Anyways, there has never been a draft in all of Chad Ford's coverage without a Tier 1 or Tier 2 player.

In other words, this draft sucks.

At least at the top.

Per NBA front office consensus, allegedly, there are 6 Tier 3 guys.

Anthony Bennett
Alex Len
Ben McLemore
Nerlens Noel
Victor Oladipo
Otto Porter Jr.

There are 6 Tier 4 guys.

Steven Adams
Trey Burke
Michael Carter-Williams
Kentavious Caldwell-Pope
C.J. McCollum
Cody Zeller

(By the way, the way the talent of this draft is disbursed makes the 13th pick more appealing. If Vivek is willing to buy the Mavs pick in essence, if it is reportedly available as speculated, we could be looking at a Burke/Zeller or Adams/Shabazz draft day haul, the type of overall talent infusion this team needs.)

So with the 7th pick, if there is an accuracy to his tier system, dubious but possible (one unexpected name will likely leap frog in the Top 6), we have our choice of any player from Tier 4.

Based on the tiers the esteemed, ahem, Mr. Ford provided, the draft could fall something like this:

1. CLE: Otto. The LeBron Stopper! The Omri Era ends with whimper, as it started. TT and Dion Waiters picked in recent drafts. Why wouldn't the Cavs surprise again?

2. ORL: Oladipo. Baller.

3. WAS: Bennett. Not a fan, but a stretch PF can open up the lane for John Wall.

4. CHA: Len. Noel slide continues.

5. PHO: Noel: Someone has to take him.

6. NOH: Ben McLemore. So close, yet so far.

7. SAC: The Two-Second Advantage Draft Pick.

Tier 4 players includes my main man, Aussie Steven Adams and 5 lightweights. Okay, so Trey Burke and Zeller are there too. Three ballers and three slugs. Let's whittle away...

Drafting any player with three names is asking for trouble. Its a scientific fact. Cross off MCW, KCP immediately!

The next guy, who has initials instead of a real name, is also problematic. Advanced metrics dictate such. Also, CJ McCollum will have to over achieve to become the next Marcus Thornton. He lacks balance and polish, a legitimate position, a resume worth a damn, or modicum of Jimmer's shooting range.

And then there were three, who also happen to be the three players I have been touting most leading up to this draft!

Steven Adams
Trey Burke
Cody Zeller

I am cool with any of these guys as The Pick, but I am curious as to why Steven Adams has not been scheduled for visit to Sacramento.

Get on it, Vivek.

Tiers and tears. The way we can relate this ranking system back to Petey D is as follows:

He said in his press conference part of the process involved in making the 7th pick will involve consulting with his network of contacts throughout the league. Who knows if this is two guys or a dozen contacts, but if this article has merit, and I think it does, it grants us insight into likely pool of candidates from which Petey will select.

Shabazz is Tier 5, per league opinion. Let's hope Petey keeps him there.

Within a tier, as the strategy goes, a team would select based on need.

So we have a shot blocker, a terrific post defender and 19 year 7'0 250 athlete who can develop into a Top 10 NBA Center (Adams), a PG with seriously refined skill a la Chris Paul (Burke), and an agile PF with smooth stroke who did not maximize his athleticism as much as he might in the pros (Zeller).

If we are going to draft on need within the tier system for a team that defended and rebounded horribly most of the season, the pick would be Adams.

Cuz would be asked to slim down another 5 to 10 pounds and moved to PF permanently, where he could dominate nightly, and earn his max deal.

Reke would be signed and traded for infusion of SF help, betterment of team chemistry and clarification of back court roles.

As to why Tyreke needs to go, I'll expound on that another time, after I watch the King win another NBA title.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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