Our Kings Community and the Ranadive addition

The past few years have been absolutely crazy and now this has all ended. We have new owners and the Maloofs are gone. It is interesting, as a fan, to try to get a feel for how this is going to be different from the Maloof era. The obvious difference is we have Vivek, but what is Vivek Ranadive going to mean to us here in Sacramento?

Is he going to be part of our community, easy that is a yes, but just how much so? Clearly Vivek took the first step in becoming a member of the community by buying the Kings. He is now part of the Kings and, thus, part of the Kings community, but where do we go from there?

How do we bring him into our Kings community and make him one of us? Or, do we do anything at all and just let it happen over time?

After Vivek bought the Kings I listened to his statement and it was very positive, but he said that this was a credit to the Sacramento community… And while this was true, it was said in a way that excluded him. He isn’t from Sacramento.

That upset me. I reacted very emotionally. Vivek is our team’s owner and I feel like he belongs to us now. He isn’t some kind of outsider. He is one of us now. I wanted to hear him embrace us as the Kings Community and not exclude himself. I didn’t want to hear him, even unintentionally, distance himself from us. I want him to join us in this awesome and passionate Kings community.

I mean, we just went through hell with owners who would not invest themselves in Sacramento. They took it a step further by disrespecting and abusing the Kings community as a whole. By the end of it they were no longer one of us, if they ever were... Sadly, they showed they had never really understood what it meant to be a member of the Kings community.

The Kings community is not just a Sacramento community. It includes people and fans from all over the world. We have people in many states like Jason in NYC – SB and LPA in Utah, people in countries from Israel to China, and now look to extending our fan base to India. It is big enough to encompass people no matter where they come from.

One of the truths about the Sacramento Kings is that it represents many things to us fans. For me, as a non-Sac native, the style of unselfish team play has reflected diverse people coming together from difference backgrounds around a common cause and mutual interests. Just look at how Peja and Vlade came together with Webber and company. How awesome was that?

This reflects the diversity of the Sacramento area and our fans from around the world. It is also why this Kings community could rally around keeping this team and win. This community is bigger than its separate parts. Together, we are something special and that was worth fighting to keep.

This is a Kings community that is rooted in Sacramento, but not limited to it. Anybody who posts on this blog for a while realizes that the Kings community is global. And I want to make sure that Vivek knows he is a part of that. That we consider him one of us. It doesn’t matter if he isn’t from Sacramento or that he is from India. The Kings are bigger than Sacramento and this community is greater when we add to it. Not exclude people from it.

Vivek has a special place in this community and I want him to know that his ownership of this team makes him special in the eyes of us fans. I don’t know if there is a way to express to him the gratitude we feel. I look forward to cheering on his ownership.

At the rally in Cesar Chavez Park I spoke with Ziller (I met him in person.. He truly exists), Ed, Akis, and others but also met a lead communication staff for the Kings. I told him how I felt and in the next interview Vivek talked about being a member of this community. So, I know he is listening. It seemed like, from what he said, that he was uncertain of how he would be accepted, but is feeling more so.

I hope he knows that we honor him and want him to be part of this community, this Kings community, in a way that the Maloofs never committed to being. That he knows that we will accept him as one of us. And, that this makes our Kings community a better place.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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