Moves Kings Should Consider This Off-Season and What Direction Do They Go In the Draft?

The Sacramento Kings are finally going in the right direction after suffering for the last six to seven years because of horrible ownership, and relocation drama that has taken a toll on the players as well as the fans. The Kings actually have some talented players most notably DeMarcus Cousins, and Tyreke Evans. Even though Tyreke is a free agent it would be smart for the Kings to retain him. Along with those players the Kings also got Isaiah Thomas,Marcus Thornton,Patrick Patterson,Jason Thompson,Toney Douglas and Jimmer Freddette. These might not have star/superstar potential like DeMarcus Cousins, or Tyreke Evans, but these players provide depth, and can produce while they're on the court.

Paul Pierce for Jimmer Freddette,Jason Thompson,John Salmons, and a 2014 1st rounder

This trade would solve the Kings Small Forward problem, and even though Paul Pierce is on his last legs he will bring leadership to a young Kings team trying to find direction. This trade would only make sense if Paul Pierce wants to come to Sacramento, but he would be a fool to not wanna come to Sacramento and stay with the rebuilding Celtics. I know Kings fans will be uneasy about the 2014 1st rounder because of how good the 2014 NBA Draft is supposed to be, but this is probably the only way Danny Ainge will accept the trade, and these draft experts always fall in love with a draft too early for their own good.

Go out and sign Andre Iguodala in Free Agency

The Kings would probably have to amnesty John Salmons in order to do this, but Iguodala over Salmons is a no brainer. The Kings get a player that can do it all in Iguodala that can score,pass,rebound,elite defender,etc. He's the perfect utility player, and would be a great fit with the Kings. Like the Pierce trade this would solve the Kings Small Forward problem, and the Kings wouldn't have to give up that much up in order to get him.

Sign a Point Guard in Free Agency

This might not sit well with alot of Kings fans, but Isaiah Thomas is best suited with the role of being a Bobby Jackson sixth man for the Kings. Isaiah Thomas plays with alot of energy which is want you want in your sixth man, he is also a productive player. His two weaknesses are his size, and defense, but you can hide that by making him a sixth man. The Kings could go after Chauncey Billups who is old, and coming off of two injury riddled seasons, but if he can remain healthy he would benefit this young Kings team, and he would come cheap. They could also go after Jeff Teague, but Atlanta had the cap to offer him more than the Kings should sign him for. Then you have Darren Collison,Brandon Jennings, or Chris Paul, but it looks like Brandon Jennings wants more than he's worth, and Chris Paul is basically remaining a Clipper with the hiring of Doc Rivers. The Kings could go after Darren Collison which would be a very underrated signing, or maybe the Kings can bring back Beno Udrih who actually played very well in his tenure with the Kings. Bringing back Toney Douglas is probably the most realistic option though.

Resign Tyreke and Maybe Move Him to Point Guard

Tyreke Evans should be the Kings top priority this off-season(I know they just offered him a qualifying offer), and he arguably had his best season playing Point Guard. I am one of the people that thinks Tyreke should be a Point Guard. In his lone college season at Memphis, Tyreke Evans struggled in the beginning until Coach Calipari moved him to Point. Tyreke is best with the ball in his hands, and he's an excellent playmaker along with having some of the best handles in the NBA.

Draft Direction

Kings are in a interesting position in this upcoming NBA Draft. They could hope Trey Burke falls to them which is very likely, and that would solve their Point Guard problem. They could also draft CJ McCollum, or Shabazz Muhammad, I like both of these players. Call me crazy, but I could see CJ McCollum becoming the next Steph Curry, and Shabazz Muhammad becoming the next James Harden. Both of them are very similar to those players. Coach Mike Malone said the Kings will draft the best available, and not on position need, but I would be shocked if they don't draft a Point Guard, or Small Forward. Some other prospects are Michael Carter-Williams, Dennis Schroeder,Anthony Bennett,Tim Hardaway, Jr,etc

What moves do you think the Kings should do, or consider? What direction do you think they should go in the draft? I already know some of you will disagree, and agree with me, but I am interested in what you guys think. The future looks bright for the Kings with new owners who actually care about the fans, and the product. A head coach who knows what he's doing, not to mention the players seem to really like him, and in my opinion he was the best head coach available along with a very smart GM who is always thinking ahead.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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