Post Draft Ramblings....

Not A Myth: Petey D Will Push Hard To Trade Tyreke.

After yesterday the odds of Tyreke leaving increased from about 60% to 80%.

Toney Douglas will not be returning either. I think we have until the 30th to extend QO on him. I don't see that offer forthcoming.

If press conference from yesterday is any indication, McCallum has roster spot locked up. Petey D loves him. Impressive talent, with mix of Mike Bibby and Stephen Curry to his game. Probably slipped in draft because of his age (22), but a lot to like about that kid, including size quickness and 40 inch vertical.

Pretty certain our efforts to move up to 3rd pick to the 5th pick included dangling Jimmer + CASH + #7. Being SO willing to part with a lottery pick of two seasons ago to move up a couple of places in the draft shows Petey D is going to aggressively remake this roster and that includes parting ways with Tyreke.

Tyreke may stick around awhile, but if he does its only because we could not get fair value this summer. Every effort will be made to clear time for Ben McLemore and pair him with complementary PGs (Isaiah and McCallum).

Landing the most talented player in the draft, who happens to be a PURE SG (currently) is significant. We've been down this road before. Tyreke is a combo guard who plays okay with combo guards, like Beno. He doesn't play well with pure SGs, like Kevin Martin. The writing is on the wall.

Ciao, Reke.

While I would rather hear McClemore say he plans to pattern his game after Kobe Bryant than a guy with a more limited skill set of Ray Allen, it does reflect a willingness to focus on his current strengths: catch and shoot, direct line drives to the hole, filling lane in transition and finishing above the rim.

Expanding his game will determine if he becomes an All-Star. Regardless, our bad-ass new GM with accountant looks and MMA ferocity approach to his job is going to create opportunity for McLemore to excel, his first draft pick ever, and this includes removing all non-complementary influence.

And lest I remind you Petey D witnessed a ball dominant player in Denver named Carmelo Anthony with sticky hands who was not particularly fond of ball movement or unselfish play.

Reviewing Reke's performance, albeit including modest improvement in efficiency and decline in overall impact, will give him nightmares....err, flashbacks to Melo, with his tendency to HOLD HOLD HOLD the rock, frustrate teammates, coaches and fans with the low percentage play (forced drives or shots).

Here are a few possibilities to consider, excluding throw-ins or sweeteners for salary cap purposes or additional supplementary players to balance out exchange of assets:

Reke to DEN for Danillo Gallianri

Reke JT and Jimmer to UTA for Gordon Hayward Alec Burks and Paul Milsap

Reke to CLE for Tristan Thompson and Tyler Zeller

Reke to ATL for Josh Smith (simultaneous sign and trades)

Reke to CHA for MKG and Bismack Biyombo

Reke / Jimmer to MIN for AK47, Alex Shved and Dieng

The deal that goes down could be ultimately limited to the available players on the team that offers Reke the most bank.

City Hoops TV clip of private workout put my pre-draft apprehension to rest on McLemore.

It went up about 5 days ago, but did not see until yesterday. We were told he was out of shape and disinterested and bombed his tryouts in other NBA cities. Maybe his wind may not be up to NBA standards now, and nerves got the best of him, but he is clearly no slouch.

My fave clips to evaluate skill set are working out alone in a gym with a trainer. The thing I like to look for is "Does Player X make game look easy?" McLemore makes the game look incredibly easy. The guy is an amazing talent. When his shot hits the rim and still goes in it feels like a miss! He has perfect arc on his shot.

The other thing of note is how he explodes at the point of attack with cross over dribble or first step.

His ability to drive and shoot from deep is going to keep defenders consistently off balance. How good he becomes is going to be dependent upon improving playmaking and become an alpha dog defender and shot maker.

I think his evolution as a player will be facilitated by Tyreke moving to a new team.

And I am fairly confident Petey D feels the same.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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