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This is a good looking group. I wonder if they have any questions?

Introducing the Sactown Royalty more...much, much more...the kind of "more" that will make your head explode...OK, I'm overselling now so I'm going to stop.


I can't hear you. I said, "Hi!"

That's better.

Welcome to my latest...idea. I've been noodling with a series of posts to take us through the dog days of summer, and to nourish our souls during the season on those pesky off days. And with the help of Tom and Akis, added a nifty little mail slot to boot.

So here's the basic idea. On the weekdays where the news may be a tad slower, I'm going to post a completely threadjackable article. I'll throw a couple ideas around in the post - whatever may be rambling around in my head cave. There will always be at least one basketball-related topic, but we won't be restricted to just the Kings or basketball. You can then use the thread to discuss the topic(s), or go in whatever direction you want. The threadjack light has been turned off for this series and you may move about the cabin freely. (We'll still want to stay away from politics any/all incendiary topics, but other than that...)

Additionally, I'd like to use these posts to answer any questions that you may have, or perhaps you have a topic that you would like to lay out but are too lazy to Fanpost. We've gone to absolutely no expense to create an email exclusively for this:

My intent is to give you full credit/blame for your submissions, so please be sure to ask for anonymity if that's what you want. Otherwise, you'll be on the front page in all of your glory.

Also, I'm looking for a catchy name for this series, so if you have any ideas, email or leave your idea(s) in the ensuing thread. And feel free to chip in any ideas as to what you would like to see out of this series. Worst case scenario, we say no and drop the ban hammer on you - no pressure whatsoever!

So let's get to our inaugural and thoroughly underwhelming topics:

  • During the Monta Ellis conversation, I listed the 10 current NBA players that I would least like to see in a Kings uniform. My top three were (1) Stephen Jackson, (2) Derek Fisher, and (3) Spencer Hawes. Who would you absolutely not want to see in a Kings uniform (answers not restricted to Cap'n Jack, D-Fish or the Space Needle Dick).
  • How much of the NBA playoffs are you watching? I find myself catching as much Stanley Cup action as NBA action right now, and I watch hardly any hockey during the regular season. I'm guilty of catching the last quarter of most of the playoff games, but I don't think that I've watched any game in its entirety.
  • Where is the best steak restaurant in the Sacramento Valley region? Ruth Chris kills it (in a good way) every time I go there, but the cost makes the visits few and far between. Chops has been excellent, but also expensive. Bandera is my sleeper - slightly less expensive and spot on.
Now, with topics like these, you can see why we are asking you to submit your mailbag questions and topics, and you can also see why threadjacking is welcome. Think of this series as the corner bar. Come on in and pull up a chair and spit the sh*t with your fellow community members.

Welcome to (Name To Be Determined Later). We hope that you enjoy your stay.
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