Tuesday's Mail Sac/Pick & Droll: Chris Mullin, practice facility and more


I know, I know...I said that we'd post every few days. But we've already received a few pieces of mail, soooo...

Welcome to "Mail Sac" (hat tip lazybum) / "Pick & Droll" (hat tip Tom Ziller with an assist from LaBradford). Honorable mention to AnotherStupidSN for "Metaworld Piece." LaBradford and lazybum each win brand new Chrysler Cordobas, which can picked up at Ziller's office.

While I'm not sure that I envision this as a daily series, we have already received some questions in the mailbox, and I wanted to get to the answers ASAP.

Jeff (screen name unknown): "I live in Boston. I don't have the money to shell out for cable or satellite. I would love to watch some home games but it is really difficult. Is there anything that you could recommend for fans not in Sacramento / Pacific time zone?"

Your legal options are pretty much limited to NBA League Pass, and we only discuss legal options here (especially in the threads, just in case any of you scofflaws out there are getting any ideas). If you don't have cable/satellite, perhaps League Pass Broadband is an option for you. One of the perks of the broadband package is that if you miss a late West Coast game, you can always watch it as an archived telecast.

Boot Scoot Baby: "Do you think the practice facility will be included in the downtown sports complex? I can't tell."

I have not seen or heard anything about a new practice facility yet, but one will almost assuredly need to be built once the Natomas arena area begins to undergo post-occupancy renovation. While the practice facility may be incorporated into the Downtown Plaza location, it is not critical, and space considerations could potentially prevent such an arrangement. The Chicago Bulls, for example, had a practice facility for 20 years that was 30-60 minutes away from their arena, depending on traffic. They are, however, in the process of building a new practice facility next to the United Center. Fortunately, there is plenty of time for the Kings to figure out what they want to do. I imagine that the existing practice facility could be utilized through at least the 2016-17 (the Kings projected inaugural season in at Downtown Plaza).

Amar (screen name unknown): "I am curious about the details around the sale. Did the Maloofs pay off the city for their loan? Did the new ownership group buy sleep train arena? What about the 7% ownership the Hansen group bid for?"

My understanding is that the Ranadivé group will assume that loan, with any restructuring of that loan unknown at the moment. The assumption of this loan was part of the purchase agreement. Regarding Sleep Train and the land that it sits upon, I believe that the city will take control of that parcel, and that redevelopment of that land was a key issue and component when the city council approved the arena deal (there are a couple of StR members that have an absolutely brilliant understanding of this deal, so be sure to read the thread as they may shed a lot more clarity and enlightenment than what I have done here). Hansen withdrew his bid for the 7%, as his purchase of those share was contingent on him ultimately buying the Kings. The Ranadivé group has since purchased that 7%.

SacKingsSinceDay1: "Hey I just wanted to get your guys thoughts on the Kings GM situation. Last week a group of people including me were talking with Chris Mullin about the Kings GM job when his name was first brought up. He said he really wanted the job and that him, Chris Webber, and someone else (I forgot) were all "competing" for it and I believe he said it was between them 3. What do you think about this because Im surprised Mullin's name hasn't been brought up as a serious target and I'm wondering why C-Webb's name hasn't been brought up after what he said. Just wanted the Sactown Royalty's input and thoughts."

I loved Chris Mullin as a player. As the General Manager of the Warriors (or as he was called, "Executive Vice-President of Basketball Operations), not so much. Mullin was in place from April 2004 through May 2009, and the Warriors amassed a record of 187-223, which breaks down to an average season of about 37-45 and a winning percentage of .460. The Dubs made the playoffs once during that period. Regarding Webber, he has absolutely no front office experience. I can't even imagine that he is being seriously considered for the General Manager position. At best, Webber would need to come in as a mid-range assistant to the GM to learn the ropes, and I'm not sure that (a) the Kings need to be investing their time and energy developing C-Webb as a future GM, and (b) that Webber would be willing what I am imagining would be a rather substantial pay cut compared to what he makes as a broadcaster.

Keep the questions coming, and thanks to those that got the ball rolling in such a great way. Remember, send your questions to asksactownroyalty@gmail.com. And remember to include your screen name so that we can give credit where credit is due.

On to "Pick & Droll." Aside from the topics mentioned above, let's add:

In honor of the draft, who was your last "can't miss" prospect that missed? I recall that back in 2010, we were picking fifth, and I had five guys that I liked. John Wall was my clear #1, and I liked Evan Turner next (but hold on...that wasn't my miss!). I preferred Favors over Cousins due to the dreaded "red flags." And it was my opinion that if there were any concerns over Cousins' attitude whatsoever, we should pass on him and take the steady, needed and capable Wesley Johnson. Whoopsie.

Name off a few of your most recent music purchases. My taste cuts a rather wide path. Rock, jazz, R & B, blues. Not a big country or opera fan, but I can listen to both. I have to be in a certain mood for classical. I've been all over the place lately, filling in some old school R & B (Average White Band, Marvin Gaye, and Otis Redding), and picking up a heavy dose of...hell, I don't know if I would call it garage band rock or Hendrix-inspired or what, but the artists include The Black Keys, Gary Clark Jr., Radio Moscow, The Stone Foxes, and, of course, Jack White. There is also a trombone/trumpet player / singer by the name of Troy "Trombone Shorty" Andrews. I like a lot of his stuff. But my absolute most recent purchase was Jane's Addiction - Underground.

(Full disclosure: I'm really looking forward to your thread input on the music. I was just given a $50 itunes card and I have an itchy "Buy Now" finger.

As always, the thread serves for conversation related to the above topics, or threadjack away. Pick & Droll: No rules. Just write.

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