Wednesday Mail Sac/Pick & Droll: New Coaching staff, who's your media & more

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A light but productive trip to the mailbox.

From Baby Giraffe: Do you know if Mike Malone will be retaining any of the previous Kings assistant coaches, such as Bobby Jackson or Alex English? "

This was sort of answered after you submitted your question, but let's touch on it here. According to Jason Jones of the Sacramento Bee and Jonathan Santiago of Cowbell Kingdom, none of last year's coaches will be retained. Santiago adds that Jackson will remain with the Kings in a to-be-determined capacity. While no assistants have been officially named, it has been mentioned that Malone's father Brendan will be part of the staff. The elder Malone is a former NBA coach in his own right, including a 21-61 stint in Toronto's inaugural year, and an 8-10 record as an interim head coach for Cleveland during the 2004-05 season), Patrick Ewing's name is also being rumored about.

I like this move, in spite of being partial to Jackson and Clifford Ray, and to a lesser extent, Alex English. A head coach (especially a first-time head coach) has to have confidence in both the ability and loyalty of his staff, as well as their ability to accept his vision and move it forward. Given the stank of the last several years, it appears that Malone also feels that a fresh start is called for.

And an "And 1" regarding Michael Malone's father: Brendan Malone was heavily credited for the "Jordan Rules" defense that the golden age Pistons so successfully employed under Chuck Daly. Malone was a key component of that coaching staff, as well as other defensive-minded teams, most recently Stan Van Gundy's Orlando Magic teams.

From Murf: "Where do you go to get your sports news either in print or TV?"

This is a great question for the thread, and I'd like to find more questions like this in the mailbox.

I'll start with TV first. I watch so little ESPN these days. I just don't have the patience to wade through the crap that they heap on me during their sports news shows while I wait for the actual sports news. So for me, it's primarily whatever I pick up during breaks in the Giants or A's games during this time of year. News10 has become my go-to TV source for the Kings - I was really impressed by the job that Nick Monacelli did during the entire relocation saga (Bryan May, too).

I probably pick up 90%+ of my sports news on the internet. I've become quite the SBNation whore, as there are an absolute ton of quality sites. The great thing about heading to (say) Blazers Edge or Fear the Sword or Bullets Forever is that you get fantastic writing, followed by the fan perspective in the threads. I also read a lot of Sam Amick, and Cowbell Kingdom is my top local source for Kings news. And I am personally addicted to McCovey Chronicles - Grant Brisbee is both prolific and a genius. He's worth the read even if you're not a Giants fan, and a God (not the God, just a God) if you are a Giants fan. I use ESPN a lot for quick current news, and I access Hoopshype and Draft Express and Shamsports and Basketball Reference for Kings and NBA-related research.


Well, coaching and media should get the thread rolling, but let's see if we can "Pick & Droll" one more topic...

Inspiration from LaBradford: Envision 2016, when the new arena is completed and open for business. How will you spend your evening when there is a Kings game? Would you consider going down to the DTP area even if you didn't have tickets to the game? How do you see yourself traveling to and from the game? Will you get there early and take in some of the local establishments? Will you linger afterward? And if you could pick the surrounding establishments, what would you like to see? If Mark Friedman called you tomorrow for your input, what would you suggest?


As always, threadjacking is welcome and even encouraged. And don't forget to send your questions and topic ideas to Because if you don't send questions and topic ideas, I get to do this with absolutely no input or direction. And that wouldn't be good for anybody.

(Oh, and personal thank you to everyone that posted their music preferences in yesterday's thread. Awesome stuff!)

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