Thursday Mail Sac/Pick & Droll: SMBH teaser, naming rights, NBA finals, & glorious, nurturing TV

This is what happens when you type in "Tony Soprano" on a sports photo search engine. - Rich Barnes-US PRESSWIRE

Again with the questions? I'm never going to get a day off!

Let's see what we have today. Fan mail from some flounder?

From fewvilleresident: "What's the word on Small Market, Big Heart? Obviously the bigger fight occurred after that first version came out, does StR know of an expected release date for the complete story?"

I love this question, because it gives me the opportunity to name drop James Ham, Small Market Big Heart Hollywood bigwig, star reporter for Cowbell Kingdom, and a close, close, personal friend of mine. James and I were at Sardi's last week talking about this very thing with Jessica Biel, Jessica Alba and Jessica Rabbit. That's how James and I roll. Kevin Fippin kept trying to crash our table, a heavy application of Paco Rabanne wafting up from his freshly shined head. But I digress.

I can tell you that you will be seeing something on the continuing story of Small Market, Big Heart very soon. And it promises to be very exciting. Where the original release was a labor of recap and research, the SMBH crew has spent the past year and a half documenting and filming key events that will take you from the first run's conclusion to present date. Keep an eye on our front page, as we'll be featuring the news as soon as it is available for print.

Spoiler alert: the good guys win!

A Mail Sac/Pick & Droll hybrid courtesy of kwlarson: "So I have an idea about the new arena. As we all know, it will be situated at what is now the Downtown Plaza site. For years that "mall" has sat futile, almost driving people AWAY from the downtown core. It is an excellent location to build the arena and will drive ancillary development for years to come.

Now when we see media reports about the arena or we discuss it amongst ourselves, the new arena is now referred to as the "Downtown Arena" or the "Downtown Plaza Arena." This is because naming rights have not been secured yet. I propose that from here on out (until naming rights are secured) the new arena be referred to as "K Street Arena."

First, the new arena will sit right on the K Street corridor. Second, We get to move past Downtown Plaza. Third, it harkens back to the day or arenas that were named after locations (Market Square Arena or Madison Square Garden) or cities (Boston Garden or Chicago Stadium). Fourth, it's K Street and this is the KINGS new arena we are talking about. There is a nice little correlation there.

So does that make sense? Is it all a moot point because some company (probably a tech company based on the words of Dr. Paul Jacobs) is going to buy the naming rights anyways?"

A couple of thoughts here. First, naming rights are big business, and that will likely take precedence when it comes to what we call the DTP arena/events center/terror dome/bait shop. And I'm 100% fine with that. I'm not worried about appearances. Orlando has the Amway Center - how much worse can it get than that? Snake oil? Power bracelets? I'm sure that we'll be just fine. Interesting to note (or not) that American Airlines sponsors two venues: the arena in Miami and the Center in Dallas. Five arenas have airline sponsors, though Southwest is noticeably absent from the list...

There are also a few arenas that are not sponsor-named: Madison Square Garden, New Orleans Arena (though it is adjacent to the Mercedes Benz Superdome), Portland's Rose Garden Arena, and The Palace at Auburn Hills (Detroit).

The hope is that a big time sponsor comes along, but something about the arena/team/city/area ultimately defines the place. The HP Pavillion in San Jose is "The Shark Tank" when there is hockey to be played, and many Chicagoans transferred the moniker of "The Madhouse on Madison" from the old arena to the new arena (though other Chicagoans refused). To tell you the truth, they could call the place "Heather Fargo Fieldhouse," and I'd just be thrilled that the darned thing got built (can't lie - the irony of naming the arena after Fargo would satisfy my inner hipster).

And here's a good question from spragueito to lead us into "Pick & Droll:" "The writers guild recently voted 'The Sopranos' the best written TV show of all time (link to article here). What do the members of StR think?"

Who cares what the members think? Let me tell you what I think.

Actually, I was ready to tear the list apart, but they did a pretty good job. I would give the Simpsons a top ten ranking over West Wing, and The Colbert Report seems a little low to me at 50. But it was nice to see shows like The Wire in the top 10 and Breaking Bad in the top 15. At the same time, the writers guild did not take themselves too seriously and overlook well-written lighter fare such as the Dick Van Dyke show (14). I was surprised to see shows that were great but short-lived on the list such as Arrested Development (16) and Freaks and Geeks (60), but I liked that they were considered. My biggest nit to pick would be Monty Python all they way down at 80. Highest ranked show that I never really watched: I was an indiscriminate viewer of Twilight Zone (3), but I'd have to go down to Friday Night Lights (22) for a show that I never really watched.

And I'm fine with the Sopranos at #1, I suppose. During that run, it would be the Simpsons at 8, 30 minutes to cleanse the palate, and then an hour of Tony and the gang. The intensity of that show during its original run was almost overwhelming at times. Brilliant writing ("I've got the feds so far up my I ass I can taste Brylcreem") and perhaps the best marriage of actors and material ever seen on the small screen.

Last question for the day: Who ya' got, Spurs or Heat? How many games? Why?

Remember, send your questions and/or topic ideas to Your questions could be the next day's invitation to threadjack! (And thanks again to those that have already submitted questions and really gotten this thing rolling. It is greatly appreciated.)

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