Trade Isaiah Thomas?

This subject has been an interesting one here on STR over the last week. After the IT22 for the 19th pick rumors came out, it was interesting to see how many were so opposed to the move, and opposed to moving IT22 at all. At the time I endorsed the move, mostly because I wanted to get something for him before we had to resign him next season. I was a little stuck in the "we dont have money" way of life that we all have grown accustomed to over the last 5 years. So I was hellbent to trade him in for another draft pick, and do it all over again.

I never had a "we must trade him or else" attitude, but was definitely pro trade if you could get value. I have recently backed off my stance, at least a little bit, and welcomed a 3yr $12-15m deal. BUT resigning IT22 to have him be the backup (it better be the backup - I'll be very disappointed if IT22 is our starting PG in 2-3 years) is no fun to daydream about... so lets throw some darts, and makeup a bunch of random somewhat lopsided trades that will never happen, and see who likes what.

Trade to Clippers

No, no... its not for CP3, but in order for the Clips to max CP3 out, they are going to need to shed some cap, or else field an 8 man roster.

Trade IT22/36th/Outlaw pick to Clips for Bledsoe/Butler/25th pick/2014 1st round pick

Clips are able to get 2 cheap players (one being very good), and one Travis Outlaw. Kings get an almost equally good PG in Eric Bledsoe, who hasnt been able to get as much PT playing in CP3's shadow. The Kings also jump up 11 spots this year from 36th to 25th, and get a late 2014 1st rounder (might be their only one?). Finally, we take on Caron Butler's $8m expiring contract. So, in short, we swap talented young PGs, and take on about $7m in salary this year to help them max out CP3, and are rewarded by moving up a few spots this year, and get a late 1st rounder next year as well.

Trade to OKC

Trade IT22 to OKC for the 12th pick and Perry Jones III.

I originally thought IT22 for the 19th was a fair price, especially since Burke maybe be BPA at #7 (a big may be a similar BPA, but IT is easier to move), but I've set my sights on higher. Here we get a solid draft pick, and a raw athletic freak for IT22. With this trade you have the option of taking Burke with the #7, and possible Zeller at #12? OKC sheds more cap, and adds a VERY cheap, and VERY good, backup PG for their title run. You know, in case Russ goes down again.

Trade to Utah

Trade IT22/Outlaw/Jimmer to Utah for Hayward and Burks.

Utah gets the Jimmer!!! SLC goes crazy!! Jimmer and Burks per36 are very similar, so lets assume any edge Burks has, Jimmer makes up in jersey and ticket sales. I also think Hayward and IT are close to a wash at skill per their position..... so Utah has to take Outlaw to make up for any edge IT has, be it skill or cheapness factor. So we get a serviceable SF and another combo guard, and take Burke?/PG with our #7 pick.

Trade to Milwaukee

Trade IT22/Salmons/36th to MIL for Ilyasova and the 15th.

Lets assume MIL will resign Ellis, but Jennings is determined to sign elsewhere. Kings get a SF and a draft pick, and can fill the PG slot with either the 7th or 15th. MIL gets to replace Jennings on the cheap, and gets the Fish back and his expiring contract. Next season they'll have cap space to sign both IT and a solid SF.

Trade with Cleveland

Trade IT22/36th to CLE for the 19th/Zeller and forgive us for the JJ/Casspi trade.

Pretty straight forward... and I'm tired of typing

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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